Anywhere bl148

2022.01.24 20:09 Gbreh Anywhere bl148

I'll play about half an hour, trying to help as much as possible
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2022.01.24 20:09 WindlessPeak Peso

Dos meus 13 anos até agr (19), sempre me enxerguei como alguém incapaz de ser amado, não que eu esteja jogando a culpa nos outros. As vezes me pergunto se sou assexuado ou só alguém com sérios problemas de alto estima, eu vejo beleza em ambos os sexos mas sla. Pode parecer um sentimento estúpido mas se eu não desabafo só um cadin eu de certo vou explodir de emoção e chorar mt, eu também me perco muito na hora de escrever, ent se esse texto não fizer sentido ou parecer bagunçado peço desculpas kkkk
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2022.01.24 20:09 Gingerbiznitch NSFW Game night!

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2022.01.24 20:09 dearbestbeloved bday Rumia for my gf!

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2022.01.24 20:09 Newtuber2021 Plz dont join a raid to leave in last 10 seconds!

Wastes my pass and why leave when there is a full group high lvl for regice sorry for venting
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2022.01.24 20:09 Torta1998 OHTO Promecha 1000/0.5 and Alvin KLIC-MATIC 0.7

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2022.01.24 20:09 radio-demon-me Fun fact

That girl we saw in the new episode at the end in the cat costume, was the fan made character of when a Girl got to go to Zag.
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2022.01.24 20:09 watan592 الاعلامي سري القدوة يكتب : نحو استراتيجية التعاون العسكري والأمني العربي المشترك

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2022.01.24 20:09 idspispopd Governments are investing billions into carbon capture in the Prairies. Here’s what you need to know

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2022.01.24 20:09 SmirnoffMonster [CA-NL] [H] Paypal [W] GMK Bread Base Kit + Mat

Title says it all. Looking to purchase GMK Bread base kit and the mat as well (if possible). Open to other GMK sets as well to match a nk65 banana coloured. Must ship to eastern Canada!
Thanks for your time.
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2022.01.24 20:09 Inkredabu11 shamelessly stolen from a discord friend

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2022.01.24 20:09 Tunstanator My First Ever Hardcore Nuzlocke (Pokémon Ultra Sun). Doge Pokémon Only!

Hello everyone, I'm Proxysaurus/Tunstanator.
I attempted my first ever Hardcore Nuzlocke run of a Pokémon game and chose Ultra Sun, a game I'm not all that familiar with outside of watching other people's videos. I set myself some pretty strict criteria which gave me a maximum of 8 encounters for the entire run. I really wanted to share the experience with people and I'm not a content creator... However, I did make a series of posts to an FB page called Rowlet Hug-posting.

Below you can find my posts and a fairly good amount of detail as to how the run went.
The writing is very hasty as I was basically scrawling as I went and I honestly can't be bothered to thoroughly proof read it!
I'll add some of what few screenshots I took for flavouevidence!
I hope you enjoy :)

Day 1: I started a hardcore nuzlocke run of Ultra Sun last night with Rowlet as my starter.
I've set myself the criteria of "canine Pokémon only" and have got to the second trial deathless so far with no encounters missed.
Sadly though, the doglike only criteria did mean boxing Shaun the Rowlet as soon as I caught Fido the Zorua.
I'll be posting updates on this page if folks are interested!

My team as of writing:
Fido the Zorua (Trainer School)
Beethoven the Furfrou (Hau'Oli City)
Brioche the Growlithe (Route 2)
Toto the Herdier (Route 4)
Lassie the Rockruff (Ten Carat Hill)
And an as yet unnamed Eevee egg (Paniola Ranch)

Day 2 Of The Pokemon Ultra Sun Hardcore Nuzdoge: I started the day preparing for the Second Trial by EV training Beethoven and Toto in attack, which was obviously so much fun.
It took me a while to come up with a plan with the least possible risk. I figured all I could do was lower the totem Pokémon's attack and special attack by 4 stages each using Beethoven who knows both Confide and Baby-Doll Eyes. A Sitrus Berry combined with Furfrou's Fur Coat ability (to help with Leech Life) would hopefully give me sufficient bulk to make it safe for my other team members to switch in. Everything was going according to plan until I lost Beethoven to a Critical Hit, Rain Boosted Bubble on the turn before I was going to switch her out.
RIP Beethoven. My first death and by far my strongest Pokémon at this stage in the game.

Toto came in to avenge her though with Work Up boosting his attack four stages and Take Down one shotting the Totem Murderer and its friends.
I was reeling from the loss until I remembered that in death there is also life and en route to the Third Trial my egg finally hatched into Lady the Modest Eevee (with perfect SpA AND HP IVs!). She's hardly a replacement, but later down the line she's going to be an absolute monster.
Ahead of the Third Trial I bought the Rain Dance TM and taught it to Toto, which will be super important in surviving the attacks from Totem Marowak and its allied Salazzle.
Starting the battle I lead with Toto to lower its attack by one stage with intimidate. Knowing Marowak likes to use detect on turn one if it doesn't see an instant kill, I use Rain Dance to dampen its power.
Next I switch to Brioche - who eats a pretty strong Brick Break and a critical hit Venoshock - to intimidate a second time. I then use Thief on the Marowak to take away its Thicc Club, removing a significant chunk of the damage it can do. Marowak retaliates with a Bone Club which doesn't do too much, though I assume I'll have to sacrifice Brioche to another Venoshock thanks to the crit earlier, only for Salazzle to go for a rain weakened and resisted Flame Burst.
This allowed me to switch back to Toto for yet another intimidate who gets hit with a pathetic Bone Club and a Venoshock, before he immediately gets a high roll to OHKO the Salazzle with Take Down like an absolute beast. He's my new favourite now that Beethoven is gone 😥 Toto is looking a little worse for wear and is vulnerable to a crit so I switch in to Lassie who, thanks to Marowak's reduced attack, easily tanks a super effective Brick Break, only to finish it off with a Rock Tomb and then a Bite. I very nearly lost one of my best late game friends in this and my team looked pretty beat up, but I was pretty proud to escape this trial without any deaths. Another badly timed critical hit could easily have ended the run.
In celebration I go and pick up a Water Stone on Route 8 and evolve Lady into a Vaporeon, who I immediately teach Rain Dance. Shortly after I got to evolve Lassie into a super awesome Dusk Form Lycanroc and now my team is beginning to look pretty good heading into the Fourth Trial which has a reputation for being very difficult due to heal spamming.
Honestly though, thanks to Growlithe it really wasn't a problem. I gave some leftovers I stole off a Munchlax to Brioche and taught him Flame Charge, which I used to stay faster than Totem Lorantis and single handedly sweep through the fight. No switches or shenanigans needed.
Next up is the Second Island Grand Trial which I'm honestly not afraid of thanks to our newly acquired Vaporeon, who I give the leftovers and spend some time EV training in HP and SpA.
Turn one, I set up Aqua Ring. Turn two, I set up Rain Dance. Lady then proceeds to decimate every single member of Olivia's team with Rain Boosted, STAB, Super Effective Water Pulses. Honestly Olivia seemed pretty chipper for someone who had just been taken so thoroughly to browntown.
And that's as far as I've gotten, apart from Fido finally evolving into something useful in the form of a Zoroark...

I did some grinding.
Beethoven got murdered by an angry spider (RIP BEST GIRL).
Toto took mighty revenge.
We gave birth to an Eevee called Lady.
A dancing marowak and its lizard friend nearly slaughtered my entire team.
But we won without any deaths.
We burned an insect and its allies to the ground.
We evolved Lassie into an Actual WolfTM and Lady into a cursed Rule34 victim.
We absolutely wrecked Olivia's shit in the grand trial.

My Team:
Fido the Zoroark
Brioche the Growlithe
Lassie the Lycanroc
Toto the Herdier
Lady the Vaporeon

Beethoven the Furfrou

Day 3 Of The Pokémon Ultra Sun Hardcore Nuzdoge: First is the Grand Resort so I can make my way to the Aether Paradise. Before that though, I stop a man in his tracks who is disguising himself as a Machamp to try and shag pretty women (What the fuck, Game Freak?). Once at the Aether Paradise Toto evolves into a Stoutland; a truly ridiculous Pokémon with peak design levels as pictured below. Just after this I proceeded to use Lady for what she's best at - completely annihilating the enemy - when the Ultra Beast appears. Then it's onwards to Ula'Ula island where my second to last encounter of the run awaits; an adorable Alolan Vulpix.

Upon arrival Hau fights me with his newly upgraded team: Alolan Raichu, Brionne, Flareon, Tauros and Noibat. Pretty scary actually, but Lady completely walls out Brionne, and Lassie absolutely demolishes both his Raichu and Noibat with Hard Stone boosted Accelerocks before getting an attack drop from Tauros' intimidate. I swap out to Brioche, then Toto for two Intimidates before switching back to Lady to finish it off with a brick break. Next is Flareon, who falls like most of the team to Accelerock.
The Fifth trial doesn't have a fight that i'm worried about, but I do take way longer than I should solving the Charjabug puzzle meant for children. Totem Togedemaru and its allies go down to Brioche's fire fangs and a couple of Work Up Crunches from Toto. A welcome relief after the water and fire trial on the previous island! The upcoming battle with Chief Of Team Dickhead Guzma seemed to be going absolutely fine with his Golisopod getting burned by a Fire Fang from Brioche, up until a point late in the battle where his Golisopod scored a critical hit First Impression on Toto - after I'd set up the sweep with three Work Ups and taken out his Masquerain - leaving my best boy on actually genuinely 1hp; 1hp from losing what is definitely one of my strongest Pokémon and possibly the run. Toto is a hero for hanging on despite my careless play.
En route to the Ghost Trial I meet our final encounter, Starfox the Alolan Vulpix, who will round out our team despite being pretty god damn useless until she can evolve.

For the trial itself I started with Fido disguised as Brioche, who I U-Turn with to break the Totem Mimikyu's disguise ability, swapping into Toto who the incoming Shadow Claw doesn't effect and to get off an Intimidate. I then swapped into Brioche to tank the Play Rough and intimidate once again. Mimikyu calls for an allied Banette like the coward it is, only for it to get decimated in a single Crunch by Toto the following turn after I switch. I repeat this process until the Mimikyu is at -6 Attack, before switching over to Lady. One Aqua Ring, 6 Work Ups and a Rain Dance later and she's ready to unleash Muddy Water bukkake doom all over the enemy Jellicent and the Mimikyu, slaughtering them both in a single hit.
After this I beeline for the Ice Stone in Po City because to be honest, Starfox is literally useless without it. Once evolved however she suddenly becomes one of the strongest members of the team with excellent type coverage and a brilliant movepool. 10/10 majestic Pokémon my heart will break if she dies, which she very nearly does when Guzma gets a turn one Razor Shell crit, leaving her at 5hp. The RNG gods are on his side, but that's not enough to save him from the usual combo of intimidate swapping followed by an unkillable Lady sweep. That's twice he has very nearly killed one of my Pokémon with a nonsense crit, and drowning his team in endless tides of muddy water was deeply satisfying.

Not much of note happens between this and the Aether Paradise apart from /finally/ giving Brioche a Fire Stone now that he's learned Flare Blitz at Level 45, giving him the much needed upgrade to an Arcanine, and finishing out what will probably be my team for the rest of the run (if all goes to plan).
The first big fight after arrival at the Aether Paradise is Guzma AGAIN, whose Golisopod I have learned not to trust at this point, so I gracelessly PP stall it by switching between Lady to Water Absorb his Razor Shells and Brioche for free intimidates. When he's finally out of Razor Shell PP I switch over to Lassie, who I set up to +4 attack and defence with Bulk up before absolutely wrecking his bug themed team with Accelerock... Though I do allow his Golisopod to get off a Struggle just as an extra good riddance now that I won't have to see it ever again.
Lusamine herself is handled by Starfox slowly but surely Ice Beaming her Clefable to death, before intimidate switching Lopunny's attack to -6 using Brioche and Toto. From there, I set up to +6 attack with Toto using Work Ups and Return her team into oblivion. This wasn't without risk however as her Lilligant outspeeds Toto and confuses him with a Teeter dance. I didn't do any calculations here but i'm fairly certain that if he'd hUrT HiMSeLf iN COnFuSion he'd have OHKOed himself. As it stands, Toto lives to fight another day yet again.
Thus day 3 ends with me preparing to leave for Poni Island, where my last potential encounter of the run awaits; a Granbull who I shall call Gertrude regardless of gender. Fingers crossed it has the intimidate ability.
All in all, my team is now looking pretty strong, though Fido won't realise his potential until /very/ late game, assuming we make it that far.

Stopped a rapist
Evolved Toto into a majestic fucking boi
Murdered a stony jellyfish 🙁 I hate hurting cephalopods
Beat up Hau's pets with an angry wolf made of rocks.
Caught Starfox the Vulpix.
Fed an overweight mouse and its friends to Brioche and Toto.
Nearly got cucked by Guzma's RNG hacks.
Intimidated a scary totem doll monster to death
Evolved Starfox into the Most Beautiful Thing Ever thoughts and prayers if she dies please.
Nearly got cucked by Guzma's RNG hacks, part 2 electric boogaloo
Evolved Brioche into a TIGER WOLF THAT BREATHES FIRE hell yeah
Made Guzma my actual bottom bitch.
Threw an abusive mother into a wormhole, like she deserves.

My team:
Fido the Zoroark
Brioche the Arcanine
Lassie the Lycanroc
Toto the Stoutland
Lady the Vaporeon
Starfox the Ninetails

Beethoven the Furfrou
Day 4 Of My Pokémon Ultra Sun Hardcore Nuzdoge: I start the day by roaming the Poni Wilds in search of my final encounter this run, a Granbull with Intimidate. Obviously having 3 intimidate team members would be great, only I accidentally murder it with a Critical Hit crunch from Toto whilst trying to chip its health down. RIP Gertrude, dead before you even got the chance.
After making my way through several tough trainer battles in the Poni Canyon, it's time for the Dragon Trial; an omniboosted Kommo-o, which is an absolutely terrifying prospect... So i teach Toxic to Brioche, who is just about bulky enough with an Intimidate proc to get a Toxic on both the Kommo-o and its allied Noivern. I then switch to Toto for another Intimidate. Thankfully, no crits this time and I'm allowed to stall another turn with Protect before switching to Lady, who I use Aqua Ring and Acid Armor with to stall for Toxic damage, which kills both the Totem Pokémon and its ally. Not the most glorious tactic, but it was the most risk averse and it would really suck to lose any more members of my team at such a late stage.
Next is Ultra-Necrozma which is probably the single hardest fight in the game with 750 base stats AND an omniboost. Not only this but it's Level 60 and the current level cap for my Pokémon is only 54.
I start with Toto with Protect to scout that it's using Photon Geyser. I then switch to Fido disguised as Lady who is immune to Psychic moves. Fido lands a Toxic and Necrozma goes for another Photon Geyser as suspected which again does absolutely nothing due to Fido's dark typing. I then use Protect to check if Necrozma has started using Dragon Pulse yet, and seeing that it has I switch to Starfox who has Dragon immunity thanks to her Fairy typing. I protect again for Toxic damage before switching to Lady anticipating a Smart Strike, which hits her for barely any damage thanks to her bulk and resistance to Steel type moves. Then it's one more turn of Protect stalling and Ultra-Necrozma dies to poison damage. Again, Toxic stalling may not be very pretty, but I was actually quite proud of getting through this fight having taken a grand total of 4 damage after Leftovers healing.
After Ultra-Necrozma it's time to backtrack and fight previous Trial Captains for Mina's trial, a majority of which aren't really worth talking about. Sophocles however has a pretty scary team including an Alolan Golem and a Magnezone, both of which have Sturdy. I go back to Heahea Beach to teach Lassie Stealth Rock and give her a Soft Sand just to guarantee kills with her Drill Runs. Turn one I set up with Stealth Rock which breaks the Sturdy of both his Magnezone and Golem as they switch in, allowing each to be taken out with a Drill Run, making for a clean sweep. This wasn't without risk however as Drill Run is only 90% accurate, and i'm pretty confident that Lassie would have immediately died to a STAB Flash Cannon from Magnezone if she'd missed.
Once I'm done beating everyone up for Mina it's Totem Ribombee next, who receives a double omniboost at the start of the battle. That doesn't stop it getting absolutely flattened by two Flare Blitz' from Brioche, who also finishes the allied Blissey with a couple of Bulldozes, who I opted not to Flare Blitz because of how recoil damage works. Recoil damage in Gen 7 works as a % of total HP damage done and in the case of Flare Blitz you suffer 33% (rounded up) of the damage done; Blissey has an absolutely massive HP pool so I'm pretty confident a OHKO Flare Blitz would have been Brioche essentially committing suicide.
Now it's the Grand Trial against Hapu who goes down relatively easy. My plan is to give some Leftovers to Starfox and set up with Calm Mind. First out is her Golurk who I've read usually opens with Stealth Rock, allowing me a free Calm Mind turn. The next turn I go for Calm Mind again only to be hit for massive damage by an Earthquake. Knowing I'll need the healing for what comes next, I Protect to get some HP from my Leftovers before taking it out with an Ice Beam. Next is Mudsdale who I first use Protect against for more healing before taking it out with another Ice Beam. Now it's Gastrodon which is not only incredibly bulky but also has the secondary Water typing meaning Ice Beam is not super effective against it. This means I can't OHKO it as I did her other Pokémon. I also know that her Flygon - which outspeeds Starfox - will be coming out next. However I know that both Gastrodon and her Flygon are Special Attackers, meaning my best move is to set up with two further Calm Minds in between Protects for healing, before absolutely destroying her Gastrodon with a Dazzling Gleam. Flygon then comes out and tickles Starfox with an Earth Power before suffering the same fate to a quad effective Ice Beam.
Honestly without Starfox this fight would have been /much/ harder and I honestly I can't believe we've made it this far with only one death (two if you count Gertrude the Granbull), though the next time I play it'll be Mount Lanakila and the Elite Four, both of which pose pretty massive challenges. To be honest I'll be surprised if we even make it to Hau, let alone beat him.

Toto accidentally murdered an innocent Granbull 🙁 he's just too powerful
We Toxic stalled a very angry pair of dragons
Then Toxic stalled a literal god
Proved that Sophocles' team isn't so Sturdy when exposed to some pointy rocks and an angry wolf
Brioche pummelled a fairy and its chubby friend into the earth
Starfox completely outplayed a muddy little girl and her horse. Get wrecked.

My Team:
Fido the Zoroark
Brioche the Arcanine
Lassie the Lycanroc
Toto the Stoutland
Lady the Vaporeon
Starfox the Ninetails

Beethoven the Furfrou
Gertrude the Granbull

Day 5 Of My Pokémon Ultra Sun Hardcore Nuzdoge: First up is resident edgelord Gladeon who jumps us at the bottom of the mountain, and I went in with no particular plan for his team other than opening with Starfox in order to Ice Beam his Crobat and take advantage of the hail with her Snow Cloak ability. Thanks to Snow Cloak, Crobat outspeeds and misses on the first turn before falling to an Ice Beam. Lucario comes out next so I switch into Brioche who tanks a Metal Claw for pitiful damage only to retaliate with a Flare Blitz. Next comes Zoroark, who is disguised as Silvally holding a Fire Memory. However, I don't know this so I get bamboozled when I go for a Bulldoze with Brioche and it's /not/ super effective only for Zoroark to retaliate with massive damage with a Dark Type Z-Move almost killing my best Pokémon. Thankfully though Brioche survives and finishes the crafty Zoroark off with another Bulldoze. Next up is Silvally for real this time so I switch to Lassie who tanks a Crush Claw before taking it out with a Hard Stone boosted Accelerock.
I probably should have prepared for this battle a little better, and will have to be more cautious from this point forward because pretty much every trainer you come across in Mount Lanakila is dangerous in some way.
With a more careful approach I make it through the mountain - capturing Necrozma on the way because I feel legally obligated to catch legendaries even if I can't use them - and make it to the Pokémon centre with a sigh of relief. This relief is short lived however as I know what's coming, not only the Elite Four, but a total identity change for our Zoroark, Fido, which will involve a /lot/ of grinding.
Throughout the entire run I've been playing the long game and making use of the Poke Pelago to plant and harvest EV lowering berries for when the time came for Fido to each his final form. See despite having a stat line better suited for Special Attacking moves, Fido's learnset for pretty much the entire early and mid game contains barely any appropriate moves, so i'd EV trained him in Attack to better compliment this. However, I now finally have the ability through the Move Relearner to teach him Nasty Plot and Night Daze, as well as the TM for Flamethrower and a way to teach him Superpower, meaning that I will need to reset and retrain /all/ of those Attack EVs as Special Attack EVs so that - just in time for the final showdown - he can reach his FINAL FORM.
This takes a /very/ long time - and full disclosure I did use some time resets to get the last few berries I needed - but by the end of it Fido is now promoted from a B-list nuisance to an absolutely monstrous Special Attacker capable of OHKOing a huge number of upcoming threats.
I then spend some time picking up useful items including a Focus Sash in the Poni Wilds and a Wide Lens from a Swellow inside a trippy Ultra Space Wormhole What The Fuck Is Going On and then it's on to the make or break moment; The Elite Four.
First up I go for the Ghost Type member Acerola figuring it will be an easy sweep with the new and improved Fido. I prepare by giving him the Wide Lens to mitigate Night Daze's 95% accuracy and also by putting Toto last in the party. Fido being disgiused as a Normal type will mean her lead Banette will go for the non-stab Feint Attack first, which allows me to set up two Nasty Plots in a row without being at risk to dying from a crit Shadow Claw. Then it's simple: I mash the A button on Night Daze and Fido outspeeds and steamrolls her entire team. A nice and easy first Elite Four member, though it only gets harder from here.

Next I go for Olivia, whose team is somewhat improved since last time; enough so that Lady alone won't cut it. Instead I open with Brioche for an Intimidate, and then switch between him and Toto to reduce the Armaldo's attack to -6. I then Thunder Wave it with Toto and Protect stall some X-Scissor PP. My plan is to set up Stealth Rocks with Lassie and then get to +6 Attack and Defence using Bulk Up; the only thing that could ruin that would be a crit X-Scissor which a move with a high crit a chance. Thanks to some lucky Paralysis procs that is exactly what I manage, before Lassie sweeps through her entire team with a mixture of Drill Run and Accelerock. Another relatively simple win.
Third though is Steel specialist Molayne who leads with a particularly annoying Prankster Klefki. I know that to take out Magnezone safely I need Lassie to set up Stealth Rocks to break Sturdy so I give her a Cherri Berry to cure the priority Thunder Wave. However, I stupidly misclick Drill Run as Klefki sets up Reflect (instead of Thunder Wave for some reason?), doing about half to it. However, it then misses a Thunder Wave next turn as I set up Stealth Rocks. The following turn its Thunder Wave connects as I attempt another Drill Run to take it out of the picture... However now it's my turn to miss, which it follows with a Super Effective Flash cannon for big damage. However, my next Drill Run thankfully connects, or it would have been RIP Lassie. Next out is Metagross, and anticipating a Meteor Mash I switch to Lady who completely shrugs it off with her absolutely ridiculous levels of bulk. Guess what happens next? I set up Aqua Ring, Acid Armor x3 and a Rain Dance before firing off a few Scalds to KO the Metagross. Then comes Magnezone, probably the biggest threat on the enemy team. I switch to Starfox to tank a Thunderbolt with her impressive Sp. Defence and then to Brioche, who completely flattens it with a Flare Blitz.
Next is Dugtrio who I'm confident outspeeds Brioche, who I can't afford to lose at this point so I switch out to Toto for the Intimidate. He tanks an Earthquake well before I stall with Protect against the following one to get some Leftover healing. Unsure what to switch into next, I go for a Work Up in the hopes of doing some chip damage with a not-very-effective Return. However after one more protect stall, instead of simply chipping it Toto OHKOs it like the gigachad that he is. Finally it's Bisharp, who I Protect against to scout an Iron Head before switching to Brioche for an intimidate, totally forgetting that his Bisharp has the Defiant ability which boosts its attack instead of lowering it! This scares me as it would open Brioche to dying to aNight Slash, but fortunately the Bisharp just goes for Metal Sound before getting outsped and annihilated by a Flare Blitz.
Last before the Champion is the Flying Type trainer Kahili who leads with a Braviary. Now I figure Lassie with Stealth Rock, Bulk Up and Accelerock should pretty much be able to sweep this on her own, so that's what I go for after giving her a Hard Stone. As Braviary does't score any crits, this is exactly what happens. I set up 3 Bulk Ups, plant some Stealth Rocks and then sweep through her entire team with priority Accelerocks.
That's it, we're onto Hau and we haven't had a single loss during the Elite Four.
First he sends out Alolan Raichu, who gets taken by a Night Daze from Fido. Next is Primarina who fires off a super effective Moonblast after Fido does about a third of her health with a Grass Knot. Thanks to a Focus Sash, Fido lives at 1hp before I switch out into Starfox to take her out with a couple of Calm Minds, some Leftover healing and a Dazzling Gleam. With that, the biggest threats on the enemy team are dealt with and now it's just a matter of Intimidate switching Tauros to -6 attack before switching in and setting up a Stealth Rocks and 3 Bulk Ups with Lassie, who proceeds to crush Hau's team with Hard Stone boosted, STAB, Tough Claws Accelerock.
Holy shit.
A lossless Elite Four. I know it might seem silly but this is my first attempt at a Nuzlocke ever and it's on what is reputedly the hardest Pokémon game to complete in this manner, with only 8 encounters total at my disposal (one of which I killed before I could even use it!).
The Doges Are Victorious and I can finally relax and treat this like a normal playthrough. No more dead Pokémon. Yay!

Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll do my best to answer! Sorry for the incredibly long read and a massive thank you to anyone who reads it!
Peace out,
submitted by Tunstanator to nuzlocke [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:09 Jenniesweekbook Trading 1 mil and Popstar set for mermaid 21

Username: Amulinia
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2022.01.24 20:09 Candid_Sundae_5182 none of us know wen the button will be pressed, just that it will. and that day, will forever go down in history

none of us know wen the button will be pressed, just that it will. and that day, will forever go down in history submitted by Candid_Sundae_5182 to dogecoin [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:09 EaseThePlease [USA-NY] [H] BNIB Evga 3080 FTW3 LHR [W] Paypal

Evga 3080 FTW3 LHR 10GB
Looking for 1400$ shipped OBO
1350$ local

Local is Cincinnati area
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2022.01.24 20:09 crazytornadolady63 Pin cushion fun!

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2022.01.24 20:09 Jadebabsxo Is this bar to small only had it done few days

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2022.01.24 20:09 One_Nifty_Boi Oh my e-circuit!

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2022.01.24 20:09 Xdimao1 Aaron Donald will kill him…. After he drags jimmys g ass to victory

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2022.01.24 20:09 RylanderRuby “T&E Vol. 1” by Me (2022) [3000x3000]

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2022.01.24 20:09 MittensThe_Cat Stop and sniff the flowers

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2022.01.24 20:09 Llamabricks Looking for a running/gym/fitness buddy in

Looking to team up with someone around 20 years old who wants to have a mutually motivating fitness buddy to go do exercise and shit. I mostly do calisthenics/running/cycling around hobart CBD and I want to run a marathon in the next year so if you have similar goals in mind, send me a dm
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2022.01.24 20:09 Kellymausu Lesson 4: Applying Construction to Insects and Arachnids

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2022.01.24 20:09 watan592 أسرة الرئيس الراحل ياسر عرفات تطالب الرئيس عباس بالتدخل لحماية إرث صديقه ورفيق دربه !

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