Thoughts on this 520SQFT layout? Is this good for 1 person?

2022.01.19 00:54 MalteseFalcon15 Thoughts on this 520SQFT layout? Is this good for 1 person?

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2022.01.19 00:54 hobbsarelie83 Anyone else a fan of Gustaf?

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2022.01.19 00:54 ggibson3 Question: how would I recreate this effect on his face?

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2022.01.19 00:54 CerealKiller979 I don’t know what else to do, I don’t want to overwork it…any critiques or tips would be amazing! Thanks from a nervous newbie

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2022.01.19 00:54 deelite111 Gleim test bank for FAR

Who here used Gleim test bank for FAR? What was your average compared to your exam score?
I just switched after failing and it’s no joke. Definitely hard. But I’m working through the weak areas. Just need to add hope in the process.
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2022.01.19 00:54 DrPm In need of opinions.

Last night I was carrying things to the basement and opened the door to go down stairs. As I open the door I immediately notice an orange, dim light has lit the entire stairwell. When the door comes to a full open, my eyes lock onto the absence of this light, in the shape of a silhouette of a person. Standing on the top step. Feet from my face. It's not blacked out, but it's absence of color and shape cause me to study it hard. I blink or the light turns off and everything was how it should be. It never moved or made a sound. The whole ordeal lasted for about 5 to 10 seconds. Now I've got to ask: What was that? Does this make sense to anyone? The house isn't haunted. Nothing has happened here before
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2022.01.19 00:54 STEVE_BOBS77 We don't deserve the song, she doesn't deserve the suffering she suffered

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2022.01.19 00:54 HelminthHydroid Looking for US MHS2 Kamura Maiden Code (Have a German/European code to trade)

I got MHS2 for Christmas with a code for the Kamura Maiden outfit. However, the code and the copy of the game were technically German/European, so I cannot redeem the code for the outfit. If anyone has a spare US code, I would be happy to trade codes with you. Please let me know if you can help.
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2022.01.19 00:54 djo_oy 千葉で鳥インフル 6万6000羽処分

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2022.01.19 00:54 yourcuck96 Risking my girls holes

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2022.01.19 00:54 No-Pizza-9423 Setty song with the most replay value

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2022.01.19 00:54 skusta-clee [NXT Spoilers] Fun Fact: Every continent (except Antartica) had representation tonight

🇸🇬 Dante Chen
🇮🇳 Surav
🇮🇳Guru Raaj
🇨🇳 Boa
🇯🇵 Jacket Time
🇯🇵 Sarray
🇳🇬 Edris Enofe
🇦🇺 Grayson Waller
🇦🇺 Duke Hudson
🇳🇿 Dakota Kai
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Kay Lee Ray
North America
🇺🇸 LA Knight
🇺🇸 Andre Chase
🇺🇸 Dexter Lumis
🇺🇸Creed Brothers
🇺🇸 Malcolm Bivens
🇺🇸 Briggs and Jensen
🇺🇸 Ivy Nile
🇺🇸 Mandy Rose
🇺🇸 Raquel Gonzales
🇺🇸 Cora Jade
🇺🇸 Odyssey Jones
🇺🇸 Joe Gacy and Harland
🇺🇸 Bron Breakker
🇺🇸 Malik Blade
🇲🇽 Santos Escobar
🇲🇽 Raul Mendoza
🇺🇸 Joaquin Wilde
🇲🇽 Yulisa Leon
South America
🇧🇷 Valentina Feroz
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2022.01.19 00:54 CAANONO About St. Rogies…

Please, for the love of our great God, stop talking about whether rogies is or is not funny. Nobody cares, it’s not a hot take, move the fuck on. There are other, bigger things to get to the bottom of. Such as, who makes Matt’s prosthetics? They’re nice as shit
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2022.01.19 00:54 skaleidoscope12 Used to be a 6, getting a 4 vs. 1 result now?

For context: I've taken the Ennegram test about once a year for the last few years, and always got the same result -- 6w5. Wary about people's motives, anxious, wanting to feel secure, intellectual, loyal, friendly but introverted; this result made a lot of sense.
I still identify with those qualities, but today I retook the test 4 different times with 4 different free tests (Truity - scored pretty high in 6 and 1, and it decided on Type 1); Cloverleaf (Type 4), Crystal (Type 4), and Your Enneagram Coach (Type 4). This is the first time that's ever happened, so I'm curious to know if the initial 6 score was wrong all these years, or if it's wrong now, since apparently Enneagram main types can't change...
Since Type 4 was the most common new result I got, I looked at this link on misidentification of 4s vs. 6s. Here are my thoughts on each point:

The principal difference is that Sixes are usually extremely appealing and relate well to people; they have the ability to unconsciously engage the emotions of others so that others will like them and form secure relationships with them. Fours, in contrast, do not relate primarily to people but to their own inner emotional states. Fours take it for granted that they are alone in life, and find it difficult to form bonds with others—something that comes easily to Sixes.
I've been told that I relate very well to people, and that I come off as charming and friendly and, in some ways, people-pleasing but also dry humored and direct at the same time somehow. But, when things are difficult, I also have a tendency to ramble on end about my problems and over-share. I've been told that I'm empathetic (I majored in psychology, and I do think I tend to get very wrapped up in moral thought spirals like Chidi from The Good Place, to make sure I'm seeing things from "all" possible angles and not letting myself off the hook) -- but also that I tend to be unforgiving towards people when I maybe should be.

For example, while all the types can become depressed, Fours do so because they are disappointed with themselves for having lost some opportunity to actualize themselves. By contrast, Sixes become depressed when they fear that they have done something to make their authority figure mad at them.
I mean .... porque no los dos? I feel both ways. I grew up in an authoritarian household where my needs and desires were totally ignored and sometimes disparaged. I competed in music competitions and felt a paralyzing need to impress the judges (hello Type 6), and can take criticism from bosses personally and feel like it means I'm careless or bad at my job/should've tried "harder" to prevent mistakes when I'm actually extremely meticulous and detail-oriented. But at the same time, I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I actually am and what I actually like, and feel equally depressed when I can't figure it out or if I'm not good enough at something that I think I truly enjoy, or used to be good at (like, if I get stuck wanting to write a song but being afraid to start or not knowing how to let go and improvise and make something imperfect, even though that's something that I think would be part of my actualization and is just corrupted by the fact that I had to compete in music).

Fours are less apt [than Sixes] to use political or communal experiences as the subject matter for their work, choosing instead the movements of their own souls, their personal revelations ... What is important to Fours is not the tradition but personal truth. Tradition is no more than a backdrop against which Fours play out their own personal dramas.
I can't really imagine writing music about politics or communal experiences, at least not as much as I'd want to write music about my experiences and feelings. I have a strong desire to make unique/different/not-cookie-cutter music and have definitely had a chip on my shoulder about wanting to be special/exceptional for a long time, that I'm working on.
I read the descriptions for Type 4 and Type 6 and both resonate with me. Here's a bit more about me:
General descriptors: Talkative, prone to rambling, animated, friendly, good at reading people, cynical about people's motives but hopeful about a better future, introverted, dry humor, people-pleasing-but-don't-want-to-be, philosophical, musical, perfectionistic, insecure about importance in others' lives, unsure about identity and purpose, unhappy about something I can't put a finger on
- Grew up very shy and bookish; wanted to make friends but didn't know how, and was often overwhelming in pursuit of that; typically would only want 1 or 2 friends, wasn't part of social groups; read lots of fantasy and found solace in books, creating writing, and art; favorite classes were art and English; was often told that I seemed old for my age; I remember that despite the constant competition and putdowns I got at home, I was happy and had an active imagination (at least until age ~10)
- It's hard to know how much our Enneagram results are shaped by who we actually authentically are vs. our trauma responses, if those can even be teased apart. I was very insecure in my teens and my main source of self esteem was being good at school. Reading, orchestra, and art were my main hobbies, but I wasn't writing as much and I'd stopped drawing completely. I felt very alone and like no one could really understand my pain/frustration, and that they wouldn't be interested in hearing about it either. Definitely felt like I had to prove my worth constantly and was watching life from the outside.
- Once I got to college, I started developing a thriving social life and my self esteem got a lot better. I was very interested in psychology and that ended up being my major - reading, writing, and art weren't a part of things as much anymore. I threw myself into music and found myself feeling amazing about myself when friends would compliment me on my ability. I did have several turbulent relationships where I completely lost myself and felt intense dopamine rushes from daydreaming about (totally unrealistic) futures with them - and feeling like I was almost auditioning for the role of being their girlfriend (ew). Started an existential spiral of wondering who I was and what I actually wanted with my life. Intensely moral uncertain and didn't trust myself whatsoever, and always asked other people for their input on social questions and life decisions in general ('what if I missed x', 'what if they're right', etc.).
- When I got my first job, I started feeling like there was more I could/should be doing with my life, and that I wanted to make a bigger impact. Got a masters in computer science (for social science applications) and felt much happier with that -- using programming languages to write scripts that took in data and spit out information that could be used to answer questions and address social problems was satisfying in a way that I hadn't experienced before. Still felt depressed despite this, like there was something that just wasn't right or that I hadn't fulfilled yet. Made friends but still felt on the outside of many groups, like if I left, it wouldn't really be a loss to the dynamic
- Got medicated for depression; working for a nonprofit and feel recognized and important, and like my skills are valuable to the team; much more assertive in my current relationship; actively making friends; found a passion in helping stray cats; trying to develop more passions and figure out what I like; getting into 3D modeling; when I feel depressed, it's a hollow feeling where it's like there's more I should be feeling that most people do by default, but like that piece is missing in me; happy with friendships but still feel hollow and like I'm trying to fill my life up with something
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2022.01.19 00:54 eyecandyandy147 Should I call animal control?

My mom has complained constantly that her next door neighbors leave their dog in their front yard. It’s a small to medium sized, short haired pit mix. She/he has a dog house and isn’t clearly malnourished. But a couple days ago, we got hit with a pretty large snow storm for Upstate South Carolina. 5-6”, and it stayed around 30° and got in to the low 20’s at night. My mom had asked me to stay and her place to watch her cat as she was out of town for a long weekend. That dog was out the ENTIRE time. Wind, rain, sleet, snow, that dog was tied to the front porch. Now these aren’t the type of people you approach about a situation like this (cars in the yard, cops show up once a month for something or other, obvious signs of hard drug use if you know what you’re looking for, etc.) So should I call animal control or some other institution? Will they actually do anything?
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2022.01.19 00:54 mexicanspace Is it just me or does this look a lot like something from the titan fall universe

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2022.01.19 00:54 laasd12 Dynasty Warriors: Overlords & Giftcode | Codes Dynasty Warriors: Overlords 真・三國無雙霸 兌換碼

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2022.01.19 00:54 phonehog2 First time seller, am I screwed?

Hello All,
I've sold on Ebay, CL, OfferUp, etc before, but against my better judgement, I finally did a first sale on Facebook, despite their BS payment policies of releasing payments on a schedule.
Anyway, a profile with limited info and no picture bought an electronic item from me, made the payment and asked me to ship. Thanks to the crappy Facebook system, I got 0 emails about this, but sure enough in the app, I was being expected to ship. I did some Googling and despite the person's profile being blank and limited info, I found enough on LinkedIn, Google Maps and people background to confirm this person exists.
Anyway, I shipped via USPS, have the tracking with Insurance of $50. About 20 minutes after delivery the buyer messages me and says the item is delivered but I don't have it. I immediately freaked out. The tracking says it was left in his mailbox. At one point, I thought he said he has the item now but the main component is missing. This definitely got me even more alarmed and I started writing to FB support to find my options and told the buyer to please don't try anything funny cause I have detailed pictures and videos of the package and the items. Then I reread his messages and he said he checked his box and found everything but the package. And he said he was upset that I'd accuse him for $40 - 50 bucks. Anyhow, I apologized. Explained this is my first time sale and I'm leary. And asked him to contact the USPS.
Meanwhile, Facebook support is the most garbage support system I've ever seen. They're barely responding to what I'm asking as I'm giving them details of my situation and what the buyer may claim next. Their last response even claimed that they have refunded the money to the buyer as the buyer said the item wasn't as described. I don't know if they're explaining this as a hypothetical of what could happen or this actually happened!? Nowhere in the app does it say the item is disputed or anything.
My question being... How screwed am I? Will this buyer win no matter what? Even though I did everything to sell honestly, got it tracked and such? What are my options? Can someone help please? Thanks!
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2022.01.19 00:54 Electrical_Taste3200 El canal de Youtube "La Quinta Columna"

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2022.01.19 00:54 First_Money_5292 Kabir Is Real Savior!

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2022.01.19 00:54 brostille sorry for the bad photos but does anyone know what might be wrong with my Molly? I noticed today that it's tail had those stripes on it, and the top fin is really dark and small as well.

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2022.01.19 00:54 TrimmingsOfTheBris Meatball face

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2022.01.19 00:54 humburritos Amogus in Office Depot

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2022.01.19 00:54 JacktheStoryteller Attack on Atlantis (Story)

NOT CANNON. FAN STORY. Chapter 1: The Beginning
Alarms start ringing, the commanders yelling at everyone to armor up.
Devair is secondary help to her personal protector. Rebvonfir Xidenfli, Gura's childhood friend and now protector. She's been protecting her since they were children, only natural at this point. A mouthful of a name so she goes by Reb.
Devair suits up and runs towards the young Princess' chambers. As he get there, he see 15 Floriqer grunts and Protecter Reb holding them off.
He draws his bastard sword and effortessly start cutting them down. With him on one end and Reb on the other, they cut down the grunts in record time.
"How's the princess?" Devair asks.
"She's fine, her chamber has one door and 2 windowzs. The Floriqer army doesn't seem to know how to scale the walls"
"Uh, seems like they just did!" Devair retorts in surprise.
They run into the princess' room and see Princess Gura stab an elite Floriqer grunt in the neck with a shard of glass, throw another shard killing another grunt, and finally grabbing her trident and expelling the life force out of the last one.
I make a mental note to not piss her off.
Reb notices Gura's hand is bleeding so she uses some healing ointment and pours it over Gura's hand.
"I was fine Rebby, you didnt need to use that one me."
"I am in charge of protecting you, Your Highness. This ointment is to assist me."
"You don't have to call me that you know. We've been friends since we were born!"
I turn my attention away from their argument and help the guards hold off the incoming grunt horde. Swift, silent, barely seen. That's how i was trained. Ususally I don't interfere but its not Reb's or Gura's time yet.
"HEY!! Stop arguing, we need to leave and get our of here!" I hear Devair shout.
"Who's he?" Gura asks, "I was only assigned one protector not two, is he a spy? Whats your rank? Name?"
"Princess Gura, I am Voltdrath Devair. I am second in command to Commander Drantith Fragoth, making my rank Solufith 9. I am part of Her Majesty's Royal Army. I have been designated to help protect both of you. Now we NEED to go!"
I scan Gura's and Reb's face. They dont believe him, but he is telling the truth.
They head out through a secret tunnel and end up back at the throne room. Elites are trying to break down the barricaded door leading into the throne room. The king and queen run up to the trio and ask Devair and Reb for a situation report.
Reb speaks first and gives her report, it is then followed by Devair's report which do end up syncing perfectly with one another.
The king looks at Devair "Who are you? You wear the armor of the royal guard but i dont seem to reconise you."
"Sir, I am Voltdrath Devair. I am second in command to Commander Drantith Fragoth, making my rank Solufith 9. I have been part of the font line Redfins for 2500 years and part of the Royal Protection for 1000 years. I am relatively new to the Royal Protection."
"Hmm...You are relatively new to this Royal Protection indeed. Who gave you the order to help protect Gura?"
"Commander Drantith Fragoth, Sir! He told me he recieved the order from Her Majesty."
I glace at his hand movement, it gestured to Queen Gawr. I see something move on his arm. He's infected, no one seemed to notice. I make a mental note of it.
The Queen looks offended and horrified.
"I gave no such order! Especially not to a new blood like you! How dare you!"
"King, Queen! We have Floriqer Masters at the front gate, we need to get you out of here!" Commander Drantith runs over and says.
Somethings wrong.
"Commander Drantith! I did not give you any commands about Devair being a secondary protector of my daughter! I DEMAND an explanation!"
"Your Majesty, your eldest daughter Serene Gawr, said you told her to tell me, is this not the case?"
"Commander Drantith! How dare you use my dead daughters name to make a fool of me! Shes been dead for 16,000 years now!"
The look on Drantiths face is one of shock and horror.
No one in Atlantis knew that Serene Gawr is dead. My records show that she was killed by an 'assassin'. There's a note on the file that reads Serene had a very nasty infection. If she didnt die, it could of spread to others. The infection is known only as Frungitith in Atlantian; translated to Destruction.
"T-there's no way she's dead! I saw her in person 6 months ago!" Drantith stammers out.
I see it. The Destroyer has infected both Drantith and Devair. I can't let them leave here with it.
The King and Queen leave, with huge look of disgust on their face, with the royal guard leaving Drantith and Devair confused.
Quicker than I thought they were, Gura and Reb grab both of them and slam the guards into pillars.
Without a single word uttered by either of the girls, they slit the guards throats.
"Repulsive, both of you. Using my dead sister as a scapegoat. You deserve this." Gura angerly spits out.
The two girls walk away.
I study both of the guards and i see their eyes go from wide in shock to slowly closing. The Destroyer infection slowly seeps frim under their armor. I quickly jump from my roost and destroy it. It may be deadly but dropping a lit match on it kills it almost instantly.
I go over to Drantith's body first. I help his soul out of his body. He looks at me and back to his body. He sighs and accepts his fate.
"Go through the gate, you will meet River Crosser. Follow his guide and you'll be fine." I send him on his way. Drantith survived past his original death time. Should of never made it to the throne room.
I walk up to Devairs body, his soul is already waiting for me.
"I suppose you-" I cut him off mid sentence.
"This wasn't your time. You died too early Commander Devair."
I heal his wound and shove his soul back into his body.
"Meet up with the rest of the guards on Cranroth Hill. I'll be there to explain what happened. Atlantis will be restored."
"Who are you?"
"I'm a Time Reaper. That's all you need to know."
I open a portal to go talk to Death himself.
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2022.01.19 00:54 ddntreadit SwitchresX vs SIP

I am trying to use switchresx to modify the resolution on my 3.1 Mac pro which is running catalina 10.15.7
Everytime I set and save a custom resolution and reboot the program status says the custom resolution is "Not activated - invalid?"
Doing some research, I believe I need to disable SIP in order to use switchresx on catalina.
Question: can SIP be reactivated after the custom resolution is set?
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