Interesting use of masks pre-COVID

2022.01.19 01:27 TexasTrip Interesting use of masks pre-COVID

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2022.01.19 01:27 lily-irl National Opinion Polling - 12 January 2022

YouGov spent an inadvisable money on Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons this week but also asked a representative sample of 1,000 British adults who they would vote for if the next General Election were held today:

Party 15 December 12 January chg.
Solidarity 25.27% 25.80%
Conservatives 20.30% 21.81%
Coalition! 18.21% 19.18%
Labour Party 12.01% 17.96% up 1
Liberal Democrats 12.62% 12.69% down 1
Other 1.45% 1.55%
TIG 1.38% 0.97%
General note
Labour, the PWP, and the SDLP merged. Most of their polling went to Labour, but some of it was left for other parties to gain, which is why everyone gained this week. Congratulations, but I've tried to leave feedback for improvements because some parties definitely would've fallen without the merger.
Also do note I've applied all of the scandal mods for 'copegate' in this set. I realise some of it did spill over into the next polling period - this is just to make it easier for me. Press about 'copegate' published after 12 January will be marked like normal next period (lucky me).
Finally, I made the decision not to include December turnout in these, as it was a short month due to the Christmas break. I'll include those divisions with January ones instead.
Solidarity - noticeable dip in debating from the last set of polls. This should be of concern to you. Some bills read (we had a fairly light legislation week as most of it was ping-ponging bills) and a good press output.
Conservatives - played to your strengths very well, those being MQs and press. Definite winners in debate this week, although some comments risk coming off as childish or immature, which turns off voters. Press was good, though ensure it doesn't come off as spammy - mix it up once in a while.
Coalition! - you continue to have a nice debate presence and good legislation output. Really I just need more of what you're doing right now. Can't think of specific notes beyond that.
Labour - congrats on the merger. 'Copegate' definitely didn't help. Biggest challenge I foresee here is maintaining your 18% - which will require you to have 18% of activity. If you can't maintain that you will start to slip regardless of quality. Labour List was good for press even if there was a lot of it, which risks seeming formulaic. Please write more bills.
Lib Dems - you forgot about press again! Not much legislation either, which should be the two areas you really focus on. Comments and MQs the same as last week, which suggests to me that you're "maxxing out" your party members there, so no improvements suggested.
TIG did not do anything this week.
Questions/comments/concerns/suggestions for cool band names welcome below as always
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2022.01.19 01:27 PlasmaTune Why The Downvotes? Nothing Wrong With This Picture! πŸš€

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2022.01.19 01:27 macj97 Late payment?

I usually notice payment to my account by UberEats by the afternoon on Tuesdays. However, it is Tuesday night and I still haven’t seen anything from Uber in my bank account.
Anyone else experiencing late payouts?
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2022.01.19 01:27 throwaway2982392 Multiple Sets of Pronouns

Hello Reddit,
I have been really been wondering and my Gender identity,
I enjoy they/them pronouns, but I also enjoy he/him pronouns.
Should I just wait until I can decide? or can I have multiple.
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2022.01.19 01:27 borderlinemyself The tiger has awoken

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2022.01.19 01:27 Blxxxdlines Over promise, and Over Deliver. Simple formula to ensured success.

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2022.01.19 01:27 Ajishung M20 who wants my load on their face

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2022.01.19 01:27 Chillkitty_YT I've been sitting on this for a while, but my THF Sonicwave broke and I don't know how to fix him, but keep full functionality

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2022.01.19 01:27 TheTissueGhost Australia redesign

Australia redesign
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2022.01.19 01:27 FewNewspaper7905 When the music stops during musical chairs πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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2022.01.19 01:27 jnieves1001 Here we are Day 12: E-mail to Frito Lay asking for Extreme Over Seasoned Cool Ranch Doritos or "Double Dusted"... wonder if I'll ever get anything πŸ€”πŸ€”

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2022.01.19 01:27 DarkHumor_IsHentai Put PP here

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2022.01.19 01:27 Althea1980 Anyone in WNC that needs a partner?

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2022.01.19 01:27 susesos Honestly... just wanna sleep for 4 days straight then wake up to my work done

Is that possible? Could you that for me please?
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2022.01.19 01:27 AyItsLeo NixOS History and Our Experience - Nix, Null, Nada, Nothing

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2022.01.19 01:27 Massive_Student_Matt King Crab Hero KJ at industrial hub Saaremaa Kurita space August 6th 3137

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2022.01.19 01:27 Pyro1934 GCP ACE last minute tips

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2022.01.19 01:27 m0rral1s33 Corinna Kopf I Want…

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2022.01.19 01:27 inz_ Some people are the real mvp

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2022.01.19 01:27 mrwalker1337 How do I target a planet without messing up my star route? Does messing with the star route influence the 5000ly quest?

Whenever I target a planet to scan I have to go to the galaxy map and select my destination and plot a route again. Is there a way to prevent this? Also, I'm doing the 5000ly trip for the engineer quest. Did I mess it up by re-plotting the route multiple times? I've read somewhere you have to travel 5000ly from your starting point, but since every time I plot a new route I get a new "starting point", maybe I messed up the quest? I don't know. Please enlighten me, fellow CMDRs.
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2022.01.19 01:27 tysalmon I've never seen an episode of this show but now I want to

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2022.01.19 01:27 _quinnine_ Getting over a possible obsession/crush

I've had a crush on this one guy for multiple years now, and he's my first crush. I can't get over it. He's older than me, and not really a great guy, but he's really charismatic and attracts almost every girl that comes in contact with. No one knows, except maybe him. I haven't told him, but he keeps just... taunting me I guess (whether he knows it or not). He's never actually made any romantic moves on me, so I know that he doesn't actually have deep feelings for me. I think he knows that I am weak, and that everything he says and does will have no repercussions, because i am extremely lonely and am pretty low hanging fruit. I havent been able to stop thinking and fantasizing about him, and every rational part of my brain hates him. He is my vulnerability, and I despise it. I want to confront him in person, my plan being that I just tell him my feelings and then completely cease all communication. Does anyone have any advice?
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2022.01.19 01:27 PrplMouse What is your craziest experience on psychedelics?

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2022.01.19 01:27 Newbei "Import from R2modman" button not showing up for my friend

I'm trying to mod the game, and I have the button. but my friend doesn't have the button! What could be causing this mysterious inconsistency?
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