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Need help evolving my Haunter into a Gangar in BDSP. Any help would be appreciated.

2022.01.22 05:51 DirtyMike162 Need help evolving my Haunter into a Gangar in BDSP. Any help would be appreciated.

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2022.01.22 05:51 MythologyStoryteller Brigid • The Exalted One • Goddess of Spring & Fire •

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2022.01.22 05:51 BakuTravelGuide The best place for winter tourism in Karabakh

The best place for winter tourism in Karabakh submitted by BakuTravelGuide to azerbaijan [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 05:51 ComfortableTea8831 Active players for XP and raids: 6320 3460 0313

Looking for some active players
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2022.01.22 05:51 2mbili Does ethnicity or race determine how much breastmilk a woman can produce?

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2022.01.22 05:51 bp019337 A Think of beauty!

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2022.01.22 05:51 Mazekinq Teapa pe OLX

Salut, vreau niste sfaturi cu ce ar trebuii sa fac daca am luat teapa pe olx?
Am cumparat o placa de baza cu procesor preinstalat, in anunt spunea ca este i5 9600 iar in placa de baza era i3 8100.
Ce as putea sa fac in situatia asta?
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2022.01.22 05:51 jhcfjjb LOL

wow you're still posting
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2022.01.22 05:51 0xcfe Non Switch exclusives that are better played on a Switch than on PC or PS

I am seriously interested in getting a Switch and am currently trying to justify the purchase. One of the main points for me is the following:
Which, or what kind of games, besides the Switch exclusives, are better played on the Switch instead of on a PC or PS? I am thinking about games that are comfier to play on a handheld on a couch or bed.
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2022.01.22 05:51 8bitpalmfrond Tired of the scalpers

These last couple days I've been seeing lots of walgreens exclusives for sale on ebay. After my last bad experience with scalpers I say F those mothers, I'll drop into walgreens myself. These are my pulls. BTW that ebay seller wanted 200+ for 4 crobat v boxes. GTFOH. F scalpers
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2022.01.22 05:51 Healthy_Fix4987 Is there a manhwa similar to An innocent sin?

Just the story and well thought out characters also the art style is very nice.
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2022.01.22 05:51 Loomylenni2 British Raj💪🏿💪🏿

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2022.01.22 05:51 Environmental-Disk82 DAY 3

We going for that W
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2022.01.22 05:51 Existing-Economy-447 Google (HBAR?) partners with Coinbase and bitpay to enable customers to hold crypto on digital cards

Tinfoil hat time... Let me know what you think.
1) Google is major player in Hedera being on the governing council.
2) Hashgraph becomes Open-source
3) Next day, Google announces Blockchain group
4) And now Google partners with Coinbase for hodling crypto....
Probably nothing and totally nothing to do with Hedera 😏
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2022.01.22 05:51 Revolutionary-Mud329 stacked marvel+customizable superhero+harley quinn and her pickaxe+2/4 naruto skins+a lot more, WITH SAVE THE WORLD, dm me for infos and offers, only accepting visa

stacked marvel+customizable superhero+harley quinn and her pickaxe+2/4 naruto skins+a lot more, WITH SAVE THE WORLD, dm me for infos and offers, only accepting visa submitted by Revolutionary-Mud329 to FortniteAccountsSale [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 05:51 navibab Brusselse rappers opgepakt na overval voor videoclip met echt wapen

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2022.01.22 05:51 IDontOpenCrates Renewing CCW in LA County?

Since I've been hearing a lot of success stories of people getting their CCW in LA County, I plan to apply. My question is, is renewal pretty easy or do you have to redo the process and submit good cause, etc. every year? Also I've heard that you have to list the specific serial numbers of guns you plan to carry. Can you add more later? I would definitely pick up 1 or 2 more subcompact guns after approval. Don't really want to buy them beforehand though. Thank you!
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2022.01.22 05:51 ReputationGloomy3822 I'm (F26) feel totally lost, possibly at the lowest point of my life.

I've been trying to get my life together after years of depression, bulimia, and chaotic family situation. I'm trying to get a decent job but I constantly fail at interviews or even after I start a job. I've been on fluoxetine for the last three weeks and nothing seems to be getting better. I have no aspirations for future, only 2 friends and literally no other social circle. I don't even get notifications on social medias. It's like I'm not existing. I feel like I've tried everything I could in order to get better, but now I'm truly losing hope.
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2022.01.22 05:51 Luxoriavin Asian themed old school MMOs

Hello. Anyone here can recommend me some oldschool MMOs or even new ones.
I once fell in love with the likes of Nexus, Kingdom of Winds or Great Merchant Online for the aesthetic even though it's an old game.
I remember there's once a 2D MMO where you can recruit NPC as your party member and it's based on Three Kingdom lore.
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2022.01.22 05:51 ActivePermit2578 Like anything in this one?

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2022.01.22 05:51 ElectricalAd5660 To masters or not to masters?

TL;DR - UK based, Currently in my second year studying Business Management at a mid-tier Russel Group with a handful of ACA exemptions. Do I study an Accounting & Finance masters?
I am really torn. At the moment I am studying Business Management at University of Southampton (a mid-tier Russel Group). This degree provides me with between 4 and 6 exemptions to ACA depending on what modules I choose. My plan is to train in audit at a top 10, big 4 would be nice but I’d be happy with BDO, GT etc. After qualifying and having some audit experience I’d want to go in industry for a few years before trying to move into either corporate banking or treasury or something of that nature. Should I do an accounting and finance masters? Would this provide me with better opportunities down the line? It is important to note that a masters would not give me any more exemptions. This question is mainly directed at my UK folk. I know that in America a lot of graduates do undertake postgraduate study but in the UK it’s a lot less common, more people tend to go straight into work after their bachelors. Would still love to hear what you guys across the pond think though.
Thank you!!!
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2022.01.22 05:51 FatMarmotFat beginner question: If the instructor does not demonstrate the moves and I don't speak French, how do I know how the moves should look like?

I'm a middle-aged adult beginner in ballet. I've tried out adult "beginner" drop-in classes in multiple studios in my area, but I find them more intermediate or advanced. I couldn't find absolute beginner class or syllabus class.
Two things really confuse me: One is that instructors usually do not demonstrate the moves, especially the jumps/leaps and the turns. So, if the instructor only raised her foot up when she introduces a move that was actually a jump/leap, I would not realize it's a jump/leap. Similarly, if the instructor only raised her leg to a 30-degree angle, I would not realize that I should raise my leg above 90 degrees.
Another thing is that I don't speak French at all, so I don't understand the instructor. I tried to Google the French words I heard in class, but since I don't know the spelling, I often cannot find what I'm looking for. I've watched a lot of videos on YouTube that titled "ballet terminology," "ballet glossary," etc., but they are not comprehensive and usually do not include what I'm looking for, especially the complex and fast moves in the center.
I hope to seek advice on overcoming these problems. I also hope to locate some online resources that explain the moves with the French words spelled out, especially for moves in the center.
Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.22 05:51 Bronzehorn Are there any games with British Humour?

I've played the Monty Python games on PC, those were the only video games that had any Bristish humour in them.
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2022.01.22 05:51 Bedwar6 Candy

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2022.01.22 05:51 crytoloover NAYİB BUKELE ve TCMB - Volatilite Düşüyor BITCOIN Yükselemiyor 📛 MANA-AXS-NEAR🔎

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