Do it!!

2022.01.22 06:25 taptheplug Do it!!

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2022.01.22 06:25 DATISBACK Downloading Onenote notebook files is a nightmare

Why does Microsoft make it so difficult and frustrating to export a notebook from one note? I ran out of storage a while ago and I can't believe how frustrating it was to get all my folders backed up to free up some storage.

  1. First I tried downloading the notebooks directly from one drive. After I downloaded all my files I deleted the folder containing all the notebooks. When I attempted to reopen the downloaded notebook to check if it worked, the one-note would not open. Now since the file I deleted was over 5GB's it would not allow me to reinsert it back into my one drive. So I literally had to pay for a 1-month subscription just to access the files
  2. Downloading notebooks wasn't even possible from my MacBook Pro. When I would click on "file", the website wouldn't even register that I clicked it on and nothing would happen. And for some god-forsaken reason on the app, they decided not to have a file button.
  3. I finally bring out my PC and neither the app nor the website allowed me to download my files.
After some research, I learned that the only way to actually download notebooks files is by downloading some old 2016 version. Now, why is it that a trillion-dollar company cant make it easier for users to download their own files? I am genuinely curious because after what I went through today I am literally never using the app again. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for apps that are better than one note?
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2022.01.22 06:25 germanky Kindred Hospital Bay Area - St. Petersburg: Certified Nursing Assistant (Cna) - Training Provided

NOW HIRING Kindred Hospital Bay Area - St. Petersburg: Certified Nursing Assistant (Cna) - Training Provided-
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2022.01.22 06:25 R4JD0 Looking for community/ team.

Hi. I would like to know where can I find a group of people or team to drive sim with. I would like to get better in simracing so I would love to play with people better than me.
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2022.01.22 06:25 atsuko-jackson What to expect in GL/Yuri series

I've only read a few GL series so far and I'm not too familiar with the common tropes in the genre, so could anyone tell me what to expect typical in a GL/Yuri series? Besides Class S stuff ofc
Some recs would also be nice, I would prefer stuff featuring adult women since I'm a bi adult woman myself and I'd like to see grown same gender romances between women.
Also if anyone can rec a GL series featuring a villainous/scary girl with a crush, that would be a huge bonus!
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2022.01.22 06:25 tortoga mausoleums ATM6

Hello, I have been searching the Other dimension and snow bioms and i can't find the black castles or mausoleum if that's their names..
Did ATM 6 changed their default locations by any chance?
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2022.01.22 06:25 -MonkeyPirate- When Your Just Trying To Watch A Video

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2022.01.22 06:25 cali-maeve What’s the name of this furry friend? I’m looking to purchase one but I want to compare prices

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2022.01.22 06:25 germanky USA Truck: Cdl-A Dedicated Truck Driver

NOW HIRING USA Truck: Cdl-A Dedicated Truck Driver-
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2022.01.22 06:24 SeriousDocument7905 Algo Trading Your Favorite Stocks using SMA Crossover Backtesting in Python

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2022.01.22 06:24 No-Improvement4265 Should I contact her?

We broke up in September because she wanted to be alone. We broke contact end of November. Last month she called to say she missed me and wants to be with me but not yet. That she had deep set issues to resolve on her own and asked that I don’t block her so she can contact me once her heart is whole again. I took this to mean that I am her option for if/when she can’t find something or someone better. She did say “I won’t be talking to other men, I wouldn’t do that to you” but I chose not to believe her. Almost 5 weeks NC and I’m doing very well. But yesterday I had this wash of sadness crash over me and woke up to a realisation this morning about how I behaved during, and at the end of, the relationship. How I used it as a crutch to numb my own insecurities. I was addicted to the comfort, the validation from a woman meant that I had nothing to prove to myself. Being with someone who’s given up on himself must’ve been difficult for her and any of my previous partners. I feel she still cares for me, but she hasn’t reached out since our last convo. I wonder if it’s worthwhile reaching out t to express what I’ve learned, the changes I’ve made and will continue to make. To see where she still stands. Since life is short and not knowing what might have come from me reaching out will remain a mystery. Or shall I leave it how it is, continue this journey and see what else it brings up and perhaps once day she will reach out, or I will move on and be better for the next person
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2022.01.22 06:24 newsdk To østjyder hædret som årets fodboldspillere

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2022.01.22 06:24 L3ik0 What is your biggest AT push without spending CD mid run (f2p)?

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2022.01.22 06:24 NervousShoulder1712 SocialGood, get $200 free

SocialGood App gives max 100% Crypto Back on your purchases from 1,800+ stores! (AliExpress, eBay) Exchange your SG crypto for BTC/USDT or keep for 15% staking! Join the 1M users & download now for $200 signup bonus! 📲Use invitation code: NEDCMV
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2022.01.22 06:24 HermanMunsterCheese I did it! As of today, January 22, 2022, it has been 18,000 days since my last drink.

Hi, everyone! A few weeks ago, I posted a thread about the path I have taken that has led me to now having 18,000 sober days. On a Wednesday evening, October 11, back in 1972, I got out of jail for a DWI and changed my life.
18,000 days later, I still count the days, to remind me I chose life. And by changing my perspective, my attitude, my actions, I have been rewarded with a life filled with joy beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks to all of you who have shown me such kindness, support, and hope. I am more grateful than you could ever know.
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2022.01.22 06:24 blueinkblack I’m falling in love again

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2022.01.22 06:24 ZoolShop Dell XPS laptops and desktops get big price cuts today

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2022.01.22 06:24 ICEGOD69 Why Cinemark Holdings Stock Jumped as Much as 20% Today | The Motley Fool 🤡🤡🤡

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2022.01.22 06:24 RickyOzzy Sam calls out Hunt's gaslighting

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2022.01.22 06:24 Henryheadgog Plague Doctor Best Doctor

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2022.01.22 06:24 Pyron2899 Assassination Classroom x Fanboy & Chum Chum (Mashup)

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2022.01.22 06:24 Oninouu Wizard And Minion Idle Major Update

Hey everyone,
Starting 2022 with a big update for WAMI, which put the adventure (and it's 40 Zones with over 400 Items) to an end. The final zone is out and has a new endless system. (You can check the patch note on discord for the full list of new stuff and changes).
In 2021 i made a few update including new feature and content but also aiming at making the mid game road softer with a bunch of new upgrade that help remove the "wall" that some player were feeling.
We had to put IOS on hold as there is too many issue and thing that were done wrong with WAMI.
Feel free to give it a try and leave any feedback over Discord (or to me directly in the game chat as i'm often around.
WAMI can be played on the following platform : Steam & Google Play Store
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2022.01.22 06:24 PatatasFrittas Hermoupolis, Syros island, Greece

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2022.01.22 06:24 volkak Not getting the 6 digit PIN to log in.

I've been trying to log into my Oculus account for a day and a bit now and I'm just not getting the 6 digit PIN to confirm that it's me. What do I need to do to fix this. The help center wasn't much help.
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2022.01.22 06:24 BuildMyRank Ryan Was Right, Ohio Is The Next Silicon Valley
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