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Chinese Local Gov’ts, Tech Firms Take Tentative Metaverse Steps

2022.01.24 20:04 procryptoclass Chinese Local Gov’ts, Tech Firms Take Tentative Metaverse Steps

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2022.01.24 20:04 Kisekaic SMP with long term dry scalp

Hi, I’m wondering how realistic is it to get scalp micropigmentation when I have long term dry scalp issues? There’s flaking whenever I run my hands through my head and I’ve tried a lot of remedies but none seem to get rid of my problem. Anyways I’ve heard that flaking can cause issues with how well the pigment will settle in the skin, so does this mean people with chronic dry scalps can’t get SMP?
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2022.01.24 20:04 Intrepid_Section_399 Wer will über sie schreiben mit Bilder von ihr, schreibt mir

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2022.01.24 20:04 sydskyyy Impulse Control training

I have a 6mo GSD and he does extremely well with impulse control. He'll always wait for the release cue whether it's in front of an open door to go play, for a juicy piece of chicken, or a new toy placed in front of him. This is my first dog and I've been doing lots of reading/research and dedicate 1hr+ to training every day (short sessions directly or through games/activities).
My question is this: I noticed that even though he's really good at waiting for the release cue, he always lunges forward after hearing it. Scenarios like: exiting the crate, exiting through the door, being released for his food, treat, or a toy, etc. Is this an age thing? I don't mind him being excited for treats or toys, of course, but for open doors I'd rather not feel the leash tightening immediately after he gets the okay to go. Is there a way to teach him to be slower? I don't think this is about calmness, because I do try to capture calmness and I think he is decent at chilling out for his age (e.g. he plays in his pen very calmly daily and knows to patiently wait if I'm sitting and browsing on my phone).
Looking for any tips or things I could be doing wrong...
pup tax
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2022.01.24 20:04 burner1727839920 550ti fan has fallen off and I'm curious if I can reattach it with super glue

Read title for info... Extra info heatsink is still attached to the bottom of the fan body the fan itself has fallen off Yes it still works I don't plan on buying a replacement since 1. They're hard to come by in my country and 2. I'm upgrading in summer and don't plan on using it long term
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2022.01.24 20:04 RyanTranquil Sorrento in the News : New Synthetic Antibody Appears To Block Omicron, All Other Known COVID Variants

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2022.01.24 20:04 ahorsenamedagro Man charged after allegedly carrying AR-style rifle outside Gaithersburg High on Jan. 14

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2022.01.24 20:04 simplylaunchpad Bugatti Chiron:) || Instagram: @manning.customs

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2022.01.24 20:04 machurto1 PFS NUFFLE (V8K-99T) - Buying Bertrandite/Indite/Silver for 12k/t profit at Brani

System: Brani
Carrier Location: Orbiting Brani 1
Station with goods: Wundt Hub, orbiting Brani 1 (currently at 3Mm from the carrier)
Demand as of January 24th, 23h00 Game time
Bertrandite 6000t at 29k/t (12k/t profit)
Indite 6000t at 22k/t (12k/t profit)
Silver 2000t at 46k/t (12k/t profit)
Gold 1000t at 55k/t (12k/t profit)
Please check the carrier for actual demand before buying the goods. Also, please ping me here if the demand has been fulfilled.
Happy trucking!
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2022.01.24 20:04 Wonderful-Bread-572 Is anybody else seeing this? Can't kick the bot anymore.

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2022.01.24 20:04 nitrouno Painful suicide that would cause instant death to all human life, would you do it?

Sorry if this is out of the line, but im a little drunk now and often i feel really bad for all the animals and sea creatures living in corporate world and sometimes i ask myself this question, so would you ?
Assuming that all the nuclear and chemical plants and anything else that needs human supervision to not release poison in to the atmosphere would just disappear.
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2022.01.24 20:04 elevenpointz Reading Suggestions?

Hi! I have a question regarding some x-men runs and specifically Wolverine books! I’ve read the old man Logan, origins and Miller ones. Do you know any good ones?
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2022.01.24 20:04 x1dollarfrosty Leviathans

Just finished rewatched “Out with the Old” S07 EP16 for the millionth time cause I just love this show too much haha. Thoughts about when Georgi said they were building a research center for disease to cure cancer. I really think they could have done a lot more with the Leviathan plot line.
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2022.01.24 20:04 incyweb Trademarking in UK - 5 step process explained

This post explains why and how I trademarked some mobile app names. I followed the process in the UK and, you may wish to note, this will vary in other regions. The post does not represent advice and I’m certainly not an expert on this topic.
I have trademarked various names, including Scarper (Switch up gravity game), Nip To (Find nearby toilets and other public amenities) and Aim For (Personal productivity).
Choosing a name The name and icon are the most recognisable aspects of a mobile app. They represent key parts of your app’s brand identity and help facilitate discoverability for potential users, to help drive user growth.
Previous posts covered the criteria and process for choosing great app names. Also, 4 Icon design tips may be of interest.
Trademark protection In the UK it is possible to protect the use of text, images and/or sounds by applying to formally register them as trademarks. The use of the ® symbol, often seen in a small font next to a name, indicates a registered trademark. The holder of such a trademark has greater legal rights to use the name/image/sound for the registered classes than others. However, they would still need to be prepared to legally defend their position against those using the trademark without permission.
Trademarking process The steps to register trademarks are:

  1. Check to see if the trademark you intend to apply for meets the registration criteria, e.g. not mis-leading, offensive or common. Also, undertake a search to help ensure no other party has registered the trademark you have in mind or something closely related.
  2. Apply to register a trademark by completing the on-line application. You will be asked to specify what you are seeking to trademark (text, images and/or sounds) and an associated usage class. There are 45 classes to choose from, each with a broad heading and list of more specific goods or service descriptors. At the time of writing, the on-line application cost £170 (for one class) plus £50 for each additional class. For my mobile app game Scarper I selected Class 9 which includes Computer Games.
  3. Once your trademark application has been submitted there follows a period of around a month during which your application goes through a period of “Examination” by the IPO (Intellectual Property Office). The IPO will alert you to potential issues. I wanted to trademark This Way, but someone had previously registered Thisway (without a space). I withdrew my application.
  4. The trademark is entered into the IPO’s online trademarks journal for a period of around 3 months. During this time, anyone can raise objections which the IPO consider, e.g. too similar to another registered trademark in the same class.
  5. Award of a registered trademark which gets added to the publicly searchable database. The registration remains live for 10 years. Click the link to view the details held in relation to my Scarper trademark registration.
Other resources Apply to register a UK trademark by UK Government
This post explained the process I went through to register trademarks for some of my apps. Think how good it would feel to develop and register your own trademark. It felt pretty special for me.
Have fun.
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2022.01.24 20:04 iamthep0rndealer I have not been here in awhile hi

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2022.01.24 20:04 PapaSplenda Living in Darkness - Agent Orange

The early 80s. Music has engulfed culture as a whole, songs are no longer short forms of entertainment, albums have become highly curated works of art. Bands find sounds and refine them to a point of perfection. But a hurricane of force, angst, and raw energy was about to take the world by storm. Agent Orange’s debut album is an essential aspect of the punk rock scene. An unapologetic and unique combination of surf rock and punk influences swirl throughout the LP, generating an original sound that would influence the California punk scene for years to come. Agent Orange’s debut LP remains one of the most influential albums in punk rock, and ushered in an era of unhinged and high energy expression in music.
Track list:

  1. Too Young To Die
  2. Everything Turns Grey
  3. Miserlou
  4. The Last Goodbye
  5. America (bonus)
  6. Bored of You (bonus)
  7. No Such Thing
  8. A Cry For Help in a World Gone Mad
  9. Bloodstains
  10. Living in Darkness
  11. Pipeline (bonus)
  12. Mr Moto (bonus)
  13. Breakdown (bonus)
Favorite Track: The Last Goodbye
Least favorite: Mr Moto
Rating: 9/10
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2022.01.24 20:04 RyoGeo Wine fridge not fridging.

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2022.01.24 20:04 westwingfanatic NYC surgeons?

Hi everyone - just got the call that my Afirma testing was positive/came back as a high level of malignancy. I need to schedule a surgical consult, and my ENT was not the most helpful (essentially, “Here are your scans, good luck!). Has anyone had a surgical consult with a surgeon they like in NYC? Currently with Mt. Sinai, but open to other suggestions. Still in a bit of shock but trying to be proactive about next steps. Thank you!
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2022.01.24 20:04 _Hollowcaust_ Savage Lands

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2022.01.24 20:04 SadPiccolo7701 附带一张母狗成分截图

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2022.01.24 20:04 kxr15 When can I take my birth control?

Getting birth control for the first time tomorrow. Can I take it that day or do I need to wait until I start my period? How long until it's effective? I've read a week but some people have told me a month.
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2022.01.24 20:04 Ok-Crow9966 Do I have to pay taxes on my sneaker collection?

I have a large sneaker collection I’m looking to sell roughly 50 pairs expected sales estimated around 10k. My question is do I have to pay taxes on them if I am selling for a lose and no profit? I have all my receipts from eBay printed out and I will also use eBay/PayPal as platforms to sell. Some were bought brand new and are still unused. Some I bought used, not sure if that changes anything. Won’t be listing any for profit buy it now prices for less then what I paid
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2022.01.24 20:04 Ordinary_Turnip6235 Flower by me

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2022.01.24 20:04 Nomnivore_Nomuboa No one: Buzz in 24k: rEcEcItAtIoN iS mY vOcAtIoN!!

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2022.01.24 20:04 alissadesuuu looking for pegaxy scholarship

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