The withered logs [1#]

Withered Foxy the Pirate Fox, also known as Withered Foxy, is an antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 2, who is a returning character that appears in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. He is the damaged original incarnation of Foxy. Withered Foxy is similar to the other Withered Animatronics, and seems to be very different from his original counterpart. He has a round head with a ... Withered Freddy Fazbear, more commonly known as Withered Freddy, is the titular antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and a returning character that appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. He is the older original incarnation of Freddy Fazbear. Out of all of the original animatronics, Withered Freddy seems to be the least damaged, with only a few tears through his body. His ... withered definition: 1. dry and decaying: 2. A withered arm or leg has not grown to its correct size because of…. Learn more. Withered J'im himself is frail, but those in his presence gain Withered Presence, reducing their damage by 90%. Withered J'im draws power from an Unstable Manashard nearby, creating volatile gouts of arcane energy and leverages that energy to create copies of himself. The meaning of WITHER is to become dry and sapless; especially : to shrivel from or as if from loss of bodily moisture. How to use wither in a sentence. Even when he is withered, Freddy from FNAF can be still quite the scary and vicious character, and once more you have to challenge him in a rhythm battle on our website, something we invite you all to do right now in this mod that has the following songs for you all: Withered Wojak, also known as Void Wojak and Depressed Wojak refers to a black and white hatched Wojak, distinguished by the character's eyes being completely obscured by shade. Starting in April 2018, the image has been used online to convey feelings of sadness, dejection and hopelessness. Withered is a debuff which applies a 6% increased chaos damage taken on the affected target, stacking up to 15 times. The table below lists unique items that are related to Withered: The following passive skills are related to Withered: Withered Bone is an item found in Valheim. Dropped from Muddy scrap piles in Sunken Crypts or found in chests in the Swamp biome. 10 Withered bones are needed to summon Bonemass (Boss) Not what you were looking for? See Chica (disambiguation). Withered Chica is an unlockable character in FNaF World and is a broken down and older incarnation of Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Withered Chica's appearance is almost identical to her core series counterpart's but she is smaller. Her jaw is completely unhinged and her arms appear to be permanently outstretched, similar to ...

2022.01.24 23:22 SiroApollo The withered logs [1#]

You've found something you shouldn't have.
In the midst of all the motionless chaos that has been imposed after the storm, you've spotted a sign that promises to shed more light on the darkness that has surrounded you since you woke up without knowing why. It's so cold and your body feels made of ice, so you've become immobile after finding it; without much to do until the time is up, you decide to play back what you've found. Perhaps that will make the time more interesting.
Static fills the screen as the information struggles to play, and after a few seconds of silence, the image clears, showing a curious face looking at you with some wariness, too close for comfort, and after those silver eyes flit around a bit looking here and there, this one sighs, turns away quickly and closes his eyes before reopening them again having changed expression.
"Hi!" greets the short-haired girl, with a nervous smile and hand raised in doubt. Your face expresses confusion as to who she is, and you would have raised an eyebrow if it wasn't so damn cold. "I'm... My name is Ruby Rose! B-but you already know that, heh... Um, this is my first time talking... In a video, of course, I've talked before, since I was a little girl and..."
The girl "Ruby" stares at you not knowing what to do after such a tremendously awkward expression. You tried to roll your eyes, but you remained attentive to the screen. The girl blushes and seems to shrink into her cloak.
" Ugh, DUMB!" She quickly reaches over to turn off her Scroll. You let out a strange noise at the amusement she's caused you, though you return your attention quickly when the image reappears.
"Stupid nerves... All right, hi! It's me, Ruby. I-I'm not really sure about doing one of these, but I read about it on the net and, well, it sounds like fun... they say it helps quite a bit to..." The girl falls silent, uncomfortable, searching for the right words. "...Remembering important things, you know, things, about things that happen to you from time to time... or when you want to, I don't know, things to stay in one place?"
She throws up her hands and shrugs as she laughs a little, then covers her face and groans.
"Oh gods this is so dumb... Never mind! Something super awesome happened to me today... well, it's also really weird... I..." She inhales, preparing to speak, while you start to get a little impatient. "I've been accepted into Beacon! Can you believe it?! HAHAHA! Let me tell you how it happened!"
And so she did. She told you how she got to the store, about how she beat the bad guys, then scolded by a (in her words) "too-cute-to-be-a-teacher" and finally, about how this "Ozpin" admitted her to Beacon, skipping two whole years. You don't believe her one bit about how she knocked out fifteen criminals with one move, she was definitely exaggerating, yet you feel a certain happiness for her, because she looks genuinely happy. As she was talking, you notice that the static on the screen doesn't go away, and you know it doesn't make sense, why would a scroll have such a flaw? Maybe it's your aura since if you move the device a little further away the static seems to fade slightly. Either way, you notice that the girl seems to be sitting in a place with grass and trees in the background, everything looks dark. Considering what Ruby tells you, the events happened at night, and the recording would therefore have been taken in the early morning. When you briefly review the data in the file, you confirm it; the recording was taken at 3:42 am. She surely couldn't sleep from the excitement, but why take a video on her scroll about it?
Your thought process is interrupted when Ruby stops. There is a certain realization on her face that knocks her spirits to the ground, which puzzles you; you briefly remember that she was talking about what happened after she left the police station.
"Dad was happy you know? Yang was too, but I don't know, when I told them, I expected..." She drops her arms to her sides and looks up, where, though you can't see it, you know there's a starry sky there; she seems to want to read an answer in the stars. "I mean, it's not like I want a parade, I know I could have been more careful and maybe that was, but when something amazing happens, we celebrate together... We go to the bakery, we buy strawberry shortcake and eat it for dessert after dad makes dinner; dad tells us something similar that happened to him when he was in school, or things about mom" The redhead's eyes move for a second to her right, but when they return, these now avoid looking at the camera. "But this time it was different, Dad had that weird face he makes sometimes, which is like a smile, but it's like a grimace..." She mimics the gesture. You wonder if she managed to do it correctly because you saw it makes you feel awkwardly embarrassed. "I don't know why he does it, but it was so weird... and Yang too! Well, there I know she got her freaked out because she didn't expect to pick me up at the police station and all, but I thought it would be cool if we could always be at the same school together now."
The girl's face falls into her hands, resting against her cheeks in a displeased face, though it looks somewhat tender. Though you feel a certain familiarity now for the girl, you want to tell her to be more understanding. Skipping two years in one night? An offer from a principal who mysteriously appears out of nowhere? You're more surprised that she didn't question anything... and by the way who was Yang?
"Dad wasn't with us in the night, he had to go take care of something at Signal so Yang made dinner. hey, at least he made macaroni and cheese!" She looks to her right again. You'd like to know what she's thinking. "Not bad, but I wanted Dad to cook... It's so weird, he hardly ever has work at night, but when he does, he tries to come back early. This time he didn't come back until after Yang went to sleep and when he did... he sounded angry, I heard some weird noises in the kitchen and when he went to see if we were asleep, he just peeked out the door and left, no goodnight kiss or anything! Hehe, although I pretended to be asleep anyway. I told you it was weird and... maybe he's mad at me" She looks down at her hands as she plays with her fingers, dejected. "Maybe I shouldn't have messed with those guys... When I wanted to ask Yang why Dad was taking so long and asked her to be honest, she said she didn't know, but maybe he's gone to settle something at the police station again."
Seems like a logical deduction to you, after all, you figure wielding a "scythe-rifle" should have left some property damage.
"Oh right, Yang is my big sister, look" From one of the pockets of her sweatpants she pulls out... her Scroll? After rummaging through its screen for a while, she shows you a picture where a blonde girl with lilac eyes is hugging Ruby, both smiling at the camera and in the background there seems to be a beach. "I guess she's not mad, but at first she wasn't so excited about me going to Beacon, maybe it was just the surprise... she told me to tell my friends the news before I left, since school starts the day after tomorrow and we're going shopping tomorrow... and well, here I am, Surprise! Yaay..." She makes some jazz hands while looking at you with a huge smile and wide eyes, and stays like that for several seconds, long enough for you to check the progress bar to make sure the video hadn't stuck; then you notice the girl's eyes turn slightly bright a bit before the image gets lost in a mess of static and jumbled pixels.
Then there it ends, what the hell? If she had her Scroll, then what do you have in your hands? You close the device and look at it closely, it's silver-gray with some blackish smudges thanks to the dirt in the place. You turn it over between your cold fingers looking for some inscription, but you decide better to read it: a Vid300 model, old-fashioned and almost obsolete, but surely very cheap and easy to use. Why Ruby didn't use her own Scroll? Reading her information you see that there are more recordings.
That device was something very personal. Maybe you should return it to its owner, but you found it in this place, on the floor. You get up with difficulty and your body feels stiff; you need to find something to take away the cold.
Around you there is not much more than a concrete floor with cracks, and a few meters away, the place where you woke up, where there are still traces of your blood already dried; you feel no pain, surely your aura has already healed whatever happened to you. Next to it is a sword stuck in the ground.
Looking beyond, you realize that you are surrounded by two buildings, one completely in ruins, inaccessible and the other in a more acceptable state, but it doesn't look very safe.
Slow, stiff and somewhat wobbly, you approach the sword and pull it forcefully out of the concrete; it feels familiar and knowing, it must be yours. It has a very good edge and in the body of the blade this makes a crescent-like shape, made to decapitate Grimm easily you intuit, since you don't remember anything. Fortunately, you feel that in your memory you have the instructions to use it, your style is engraved in your body, so you should be able to defend yourself in any way.
The sky is cloudy and providing little light, you know it will get dark in an hour and there is no Grimm in the area. You'd like to know what to do... from now on. Maybe it doesn't matter, you have nothing left.
It's so cold.
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2022.01.24 23:22 gilly_girl Getting mail for someone who's never lived here

We've been receiving mail for the boyfriend of an ex-roommate for the past several months. He's never had a lease at the address or lived here in any capacity. I can't ask the ex-roommate about it as she left the house under bad terms and she was really flaky to start. We've tried returning the letters marked "No Such Person" or "Not at this address, return to sender" but every time the post office delivers them to the house again. The stuff he's getting is stuff he'd want - mostly medical letters and stuff from the IRS. I'm thinking of calling the IRS directly at this point. Help.
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2022.01.24 23:22 keegan445 My XL Hybrid today. Wheels are getting powder coated as I type this

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2022.01.24 23:22 femboichristy Update on people who supported me yesterday

Thank you so much for all the confidence you beautiful people! I did about 30 mins of working out, and got more into my school work now! Gotta say, life feels more better after doing all this stuff and not procrastinating, thanks♥️
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2022.01.24 23:22 LibThatAsksQuestions Weird hypothetical

Say someone does not participate in the communistic, democratic lifestyle. They are an individualist and they provide for themselves. Everything is owned in common, but to protect the environment, there is a worker’s association responsible for preventing logging of trees. An individualist cuts down one of the trees for themselves without consulting anyone.
What happens here? Does the collective deal with him? Does he need permission to cut down trees? What in general happens with people uninvolved in the community?
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2022.01.24 23:22 LolDude1042 Any VST/Plugin under $25 for FL Studio.

Hello, recently I got a 25 dollar gift card to spend on anything. I would like to contribute this money towards any VST/Plugins/Add-ons specifically 25 dollars and under though. I have been looking around the web and have either found Free Plugins or Way too Pricey ones (such as $50+) if anyone knows any plugin in this price range it'd be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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2022.01.24 23:22 Arnadus Meta unveils Metaverse AI supercomputer, claims it will be world’s fastest

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2022.01.24 23:21 MyFiveC3nts Thriller/Mystery book based in America

I read this book when I was in middle school, about 11-13 years ago, this is what I remember of the beginning plot.
A teenager is friends with the neighbors son. The neighbors family is going on vacation and leave their house. The teenager thinks it’s a great place for him and his gf to hangout and have sex so he goes in the neighbors house while they are gone.
While in the house, he sees the family coming back home within an hour of when they leave. They forgot something.
The teenager then hides in the basement and waits for them to leave. As he waits he hears gunshots. Two men came and killed the family and were searching the house for something. This entire time he is still in the basement hiding.
Further down the story we find out that the men took a hard drive from his friends computer that had incriminating evidence on the local mayor.
From what I remember. The mayor was having sex with prostitutes?….
Anyone know this book? I’ve been searching for years
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2022.01.24 23:21 CambodianDrywall [POSITIVE] for /u/MetalStacker [seller]

Beautiful bar, excellent communication, and great packaging/shipping.
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2022.01.24 23:21 icicle-- bit late to the party, but my 2021 recap! reached 53/52 which was extremely pleasing for me

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2022.01.24 23:21 Bluesruz Resume for Yale

Hey so I applied to Yale through the Questbridge NCM and didn’t get matched so my application got rolled over into RD. I was wondering if I should add a resume to my application because I was only able to list 5 activities and I feel that the additional activities would improve my application. I know that Yale doesn’t like receiving resumes though.
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2022.01.24 23:21 trillawilla Jobs in Knox

Hey all! I recently got a new job and the new training class was for Jan 24th. I quit my previous job I had so I would be ready to start. On the 23rd the new job called me and told me they were having supply chain issues and weren’t prepared for the training class so they postponed it until Feb 7th. This leaves me without work for TWO WEEKS!! I am desperate for a restaurant job that gets me on the floor making money ASAP or any other type of quick money making work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.24 23:21 Cyanide94 New tab club virus has stopped me from being able to use Google search (and from download an anti-virus program)...

So my windows 10 PC managed to get the "new club tab" virus from an Alibaba coupons extension I must have downloaded a while ago. I would try to download something like Norton 360 to remove this virus, however at this point and after deleting the extension I still can't use Google's search bar without the pages just refreshing after I hit enter on a search. I'm wondering if there's anyway around this? I've tried using the windows start button as well, however the search seems stuck in a constant loop highliting different options... please help me.
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2022.01.24 23:21 Im_Possibly_Black Should we standardize languages to only one per origin? Like one Romanic, one Slovic, one Germanic, one Arabic, one Sanskrit, etc. Why or why not?

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2022.01.24 23:21 nychuman Any recommended dealers in NYC that will lease at MSRP?

Seriously starting my search for a 2022 GT Line. I’ve engaged with an auto broker and 5-6 dealerships looking for quotes, etc. over the past couple weeks.
Everyone is telling me 550-600/month with 4K+ down OTD. That seems absurd to me for a car under 40k. I’ve calculated on multiple sites including leasehackr that I should be more around 400/mo with no more than 4K down and the January lease incentives (this of course includes capitalizing tax into the monthlies).
I haven’t found a single dealer in NYC metro so far that will budge and lease out anywhere close to MSRP or even seriously factor in the Kia incentives.
Anyone have any reference points for their own leases on a 2022 GTL? Any recommended dealers I could contact near NY?
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