Guys I got a nvidia gpu rtx3060 the gsync monitors are out of my price range. Would a freesync monitor work with it? I’m reading through DisplayPort it would can anyone confirm TIA

2022.01.20 01:24 IRIS-1151 Guys I got a nvidia gpu rtx3060 the gsync monitors are out of my price range. Would a freesync monitor work with it? I’m reading through DisplayPort it would can anyone confirm TIA

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2022.01.20 01:24 Smoove-J Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips just a bunch of gibberish and mfers act like they forgot about

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2022.01.20 01:24 SpeakeasyImprov Team profile: The Calendar Girls

The Calendar Girls are a team of thieves who steal to bankroll their indulgent lifestyle! They work for no one but themselves… unless you guarantee them a big cut of the take.
Arbor Day: Team leader Arbor Day can mimic the properties of any plant on Earth, whether it’s producing spines as sharp as a saguaro, becoming as tough as an ironwood tree, or being as poisonous as oleander. She’s the leader of the group and she leads by example—always taking point and throwing herself into the thick of the action before anybody else.
Mother's Day: A perfect second-in-command. Mother’s Day can generate golems out of any malleable substance: clay, sand, even some soft metals, whatever is at hand. These golems will then do her bidding! And even though these creatures may “live” for only a short amount of time, Mother’s Day cares for them as deeply as she would for anyone. Her caring nature extends to the members of the crew—she’s the only one making sure everyone is hydrated.
New Years Eve: “New Year, New Me,” that’s New Years Eve’s motto. With her shapeshifting abilities, New Years Eve can become anyone she wants to be at any time. And she always enjoys trying on new looks and new personalities. No one can quite pin down who New Years Eve really is, as if she’s trying to hide something—or run from something—in her past.
Ash Wednesday: Ash Wednesday is hot. Really hot. Like, she can turn into a being of pure flame! Despite the incredibly destructive nature of her powers, Ash Wednesday is impeccably careful and deliberate in choosing her targets. She’s actually the most bookish of the group, a fast learner and voracious reader who would love to get her hands on some rare volume.
Groundhog Day: “I must have seen my shadow, because here comes six more weeks of winter.” Groundhog Day can create freezing temperatures and blasts of cold—capable of turning even molten metal solid. A fun-loving personality, Groundhog Day has never met a joke she’s only told once. Has she made that “six more weeks” joke before? Will she make it again? It’s almost as if she’s stuck in some kind of time loop?
April Fool’s: Did you fall for that? Then April Fool’s got you good. She can create all manner of illusions—so real that they’ll be picked up on camera or recording devices. Cold and dispassionate, April Fool’s’ heart isn’t in the heist—those are just a means to the end of a life on a tropical island somewhere. She longs for that life for real so badly that she often spends hours within her own simulacrums.
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2022.01.20 01:24 East-Strain6548 Pls

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2022.01.20 01:24 Willing-Clock-8884 UFC Star Rachel Ostovich Domestic Violence Video Released

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2022.01.20 01:24 squishchef What should I do with my phone since I have to keep it in my car?

I just started nursing school and we’re doing a project with the residents at one of our clinical rotation sites tomorrow. They’ve made it clear in multiple announcements the only items we’re allowed to bring are our IDs, our notebooks, and keys. They’ve specifically said no phones or bags multiple times.
I didn’t think much of it, I figured I’d just hide my phone in my car and lock it. But it’s going to be 1° F tomorrow when I get there and won’t get out of the single digits. Wouldn’t it be pretty bad for my phone to sit in my car in weather that cold?
What do I do? I need my phone to get there, not to mention I’m worried about getting stranded/my car not starting because of how cold it is so it’s not a viable option to not bring it at all.
Is there a way to keep it warm in my car for a few hours? I can try to sneak it in but I don’t wanna make a bad impression by “ignoring” the rules. I have no intentions of using my phone while there in any capacity, I just don’t feel comfortable driving across town in weather like this with no phone or possibly damaging my phone by leaving it in the car.
Would’ve asked my instructor earlier but it’s been pretty warm up until today, it didn’t occur to me until now and it’s late.
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2022.01.20 01:24 amnesiac7 3,500 Hennepin County workers announce plan to strike beginning Feb. 2

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2022.01.20 01:24 It-LEGEND r/teenagers is full of homophobic twats.

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2022.01.20 01:24 WiteliteningHWD How can you see the size of a directory

How do I configure ranger to be able to view how much disk space a folder is taking up?
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2022.01.20 01:24 Swoliosis123 Radian’s in stock

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2022.01.20 01:24 wellworks Going No Contact Guide

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2022.01.20 01:24 Pixelseal Are there any endings where the ghost/knight lives?

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2022.01.20 01:24 isabellesluvr does anyone have any cute cottage/fairy core villagers in boxes?

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2022.01.20 01:24 The_Unsealed Three writing contests

We are hosting three writing contests:
Write a letter to someone who inspires you
Write a letter to someone you lost and tell them how you are honoring their legacy
Write a poem to the new 2022 you
Check out the details for each contest here
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2022.01.20 01:24 quasarblues Here's how to get toan.

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2022.01.20 01:24 zubaz69 Legal experts slam 'mind-boggling' Clarence Thomas dissent in case over Trump's Jan. 6th records

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2022.01.20 01:24 Mundane_Let6365 Hello everyone! Follow for follow!

Watch c0nv0lt with me on Twitch!
Hello everyone! Let's get my fiance to affiliate! Currently playing Zomboid, very welcoming community, and of course elbowing for others to game with,
Best of luck to everyone else!
Xx Jax and Cora
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2022.01.20 01:24 Sad_Promotion_1284 Listening to the same song

I have adhd and High functioning autism. If I find a song that I extremely like, I can repeat over a hundred times. I still listen to the same songs I liked from over 5 years ago. Eventually I get bored of it so I have to find a new son. Can anyone relate?
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2022.01.20 01:24 Kakkoister Z690 Intel I225-V NVM Integrity Status failure and other issues, anyone else?

Been trying to track down some latency/audio issues and one thing that's seemingly been a potential issue is the networking. The initial drivers that came with the MSI Z690 Carbon resulted in nearly all the "Hardware Tests" failing in the Intel PROSet tool. After updating using the Intel website, all now pass except for NVM Integrity Status.
So I'm curious if anyone else here with Z690 boards (and hopefully more specifically MSI ones) could run their PROSet tool and do the hardware tests as well to compare? Maybe my network chip is just borked or maybe it's an issue with MSI boards that people haven't fully noticed yet.
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2022.01.20 01:24 One-Strawberry2725 15 year old, from 28 st, charged with shooting a man in front of a boys and girls club

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2022.01.20 01:24 moving-wine BFB/BFDI characters replacing Sonic The Hedgehog characters - A discussion.

So i'm making this post mostly because of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate animation and what it took to create its story. As for the replacing part, i'm being serious here. In the SSBU animation, Firey replaces Mario and Leafy replaces Wild Link, but if we're putting the characters to replace just Sonic Characters, THEN we have a bit of a problem.
As you know, Sonic The Hedgehog as a franchise doesn't have characters only in the games, it also has characters in comics so that's a WHOLE can of worms to open. So instead of focusing on both games and comics, we're gonna focus on the games to get a good start.
So what i'm figuring here is that Firey could replace Sonic and Leafy could probably be a replacement for either Tails or Amy. In my opinion, she would fit better in Tails' role because she's not particularly a "love interest" for Firey and she did develop some more friendly and companion-like relationship with him.
As for Knuckles, i'm thinking about either Blocky or Snow Ball since they have enough physical strength to punch out a lot of the other characters just like Knuckles does. So does Snow Ball, but his way of thinking could also be fitted in someone else's role since he's also more aggressive in nature than Blocky.
Two characters that got me really conflicted in roles are Shadow The Hedgehog and Rouge The Bat. For Rouge, i have two options as well: either Loser or Lollipop. Both of these characters have their special charm to attract audiences like the other objects in the cast or the audience outside of the 4th wall. Though my thoughts are really pushing Rouge's role to Loser since.. Come on, it would be perfect. For Shadow.. Now that's the one i can't really find a character to fit in. And this is why i'm making this a discussion post. I want to know your opinions on BFB/BFDI characters that would fit in Sonic characters here.
Thank you for reading this all and i hope this idea can make you see the possibilities.
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2022.01.20 01:24 Iggiveup1971nathan How come you are so shy to the ununconfident?

I guess I could be wrong but I was payinng attenion in class remember your words saw the photo the oh so beautiful I kick your ass kid who pobably banged with the boys.iboys.i do not mean this in a bad or hurtful way at all although it will likely do that seing how its me saying this. I mean you hide it so well and I was thinking is that not actually oover coming the issue pretty much I get there is still matters of the heart. But what I see is this woman that pull me and then I say through my brain Blank you are trouble a black spot in this kids future if your not careful. I could watch you line dance all day and personally I truly hate country music its shit like this that cause me to twist!
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2022.01.20 01:24 PEno-1 First wdywt of the year! Here’s to many more.

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2022.01.20 01:24 PandaBJJ The Bloody Mary at Farmer's Table, La Mesa, CA.

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2022.01.20 01:24 SilverGospel003 How to Survive

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