I was hacked please help

Please show your friend the Hacked Accounts section of the Help Center so we can help. Hacked By: leverage419. The Green Kingdom 131083 plays Cheats: Hackbar: Press [1] Toggle Health - [2] Money (100-5000) - [3 ... Game players who find it hard to play some games can come to arcadeprehacks.com and use the cheats in the game to help complete them, while others like to use cheats for a sandbox mode. Like us on Facebook ... If you think your EA Account was hacked, these steps may help to secure it again. If they don’t work, contact us for help. PC players Console players Mobile players I can't access my EA Account Missing content If you think your account may have been hacked but you can still access it, try to secure your account with these steps. ... When your Facebook account gets hacked, the company offers little in the way of customer service reps to help you out. Users and consumer advocates say Facebook's customer support system ...

2022.01.20 02:04 Conclavice I was hacked please help

A trusted friend sent me a game he was working on called robot mania or someting.exe and the idiot I am clicked and and all of a sudden my discord logged out so I restarted my computer and logged in, and my discord was gone. I got an email about my email and password being changed and I couldn't log in. is there any hope of getting my account back?
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2022.01.20 02:04 QuadVox Omen 30L cooling issues with the Ryzen 7 5800x or just with the Intel CPU models?

Hi, Im looking into getting a 30L System (3070, Ryzen 7 5800x) and ive heard horror story after horror story about the cooling issues with this PC. Thing is, Im seeing a lot of those stories from people who had the version of the PC with an Intel CPU and very little reports from people with the Ryzen CPU model.
Asking the sub if the cooling issues came from that CPU or the cooling issues are everpresent with this PC, and what to do if the cooling is still bad. (What upgrades to make to help the cooling process)
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2022.01.20 02:04 theorchestraplayson Added vinegar too early, can I fix it?

I was trying to do my first ever fermentation on some hot peppers to make a fermented hot sauce, and I think I may have added vinegar to the brine on the first day due to a misunderstanding of the directions/brain fart. It's been about two and a half weeks now, and there hasn't been any sign of bubbling. I started a second batch (definitely without vinegar) about 3 days ago and it seems to be fermenting beautifully.
Can I take some of the brine from the second, successful batch and add it to the old peppers sort of as a starter? If I do that, would I need to dump out the brine/vinegar mixture? And are the old peppers even safe to still eat/make salsa with? I wouldn't care much if I had bought the peppers from the grocery store, but the first batch was all peppers from my own plants, and I would hate to have wasted the whole harvest. Thanks so much!
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2022.01.20 02:04 thePlugsz martial arts gloves/cb+LL—any value here?

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2022.01.20 02:04 TheMegaladong I’m a 22 year old man that kinda likes the painted nails he got during a bet

I lost a bet with my girlfriend. I said that the Bengals would lose their first playoff game to the raiders, and my punishment from the bet was to get my nails painted with her the next day. It was between the two bengal colors, black or orange. I chose black, and for a while I was mortified going into public with them ( I live in a super red state where you get called the f slur if you dress in anything except denim). After a while, I kinda started to like the look because of how shiny and clean looking they were. Is it weird that I kinda like them? I’m just so tired of the stereotype around here that men have to be these burly hairy dudes that never express anything except anger and sexual desire.
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2022.01.20 02:04 CYB3R_D3M0N [17M] [friendship] Talking to myself and arguing online is fun and all... But not good for sleep... Zzz... Sleepy....

Chill ASF rn...
Idc about gender, I honestly just couldn't care less what gender messages me.
Ages 15-19, if your older or younger I will have to initiate "operation block your stupid ass"
Pictures of me on my profile if your really interested...
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2022.01.20 02:04 SnooDoubts3260 Is it possible to get sleep apnea confused with insomnia?

I visited a pulmonologist who seemingly gave me a rushed diagnosis of sleep apnea even though I barely slept through the night and not to mention the test barely stayed assembled while laying down. Over the first half of last year I was heavily abusing MDMA and stopped cold turkey in June. I feel like while doing/ stopping the MDMA I possibly triggered more severe insomnia rather than magically having “obstructive sleep apnea”, I don’t wake up with my heart racing nor do I choke or stop breathing in my sleep. I literally just have trouble going to sleep and cannot sleep past 3am. I’ve always been able to sort of fall back asleep after waking up to use the bathroom but now whenever this happens my mind says “fuck you” and my day unfortunately starts by tossing and turning until the sun comes up. Thoughts ?
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2022.01.20 02:04 placebodie Well this was great going up against a mobile clan.

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2022.01.20 02:04 TaraqgrFx theotherwoman Onlyfans Leak

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2022.01.20 02:04 Used_Ad8698 Whats the state of ff7 remakes pc port?

Was very tempted to buy it when i saw that it came out on pc but when i read there was issues, i was put off temporarily. Whats the current state of those issues? E.g the stuttering being a big one. Are they fixed? If not is it at least in a state where it should be bought despite the issues?
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2022.01.20 02:04 Wlaw1995 my energy doesnt flow properly and it feels like theres an energy ball OUTSIDE my body that is also tethered to my body

what could this mean?
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2022.01.20 02:04 smallvanillaicelatte 17F[chat]looking for someone to voice call. hmu

if you want to voice call dm me and i’ll give you my discord. i might be sleepy tho lol
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2022.01.20 02:04 Fleironymus [Technique] Folks who run larger grow rooms: what are you using to seal bugs and outside air from your exhaust outlets?

I'm planning to vent two or three large tents with 6" lines out the wall. I'm guessing I'll need some kind of flapper valve or something? I could foresee some issues coming up.
1.) Any flapper strong enough to make a seal might restrict airflow. 2.) Humidity and spores are going to gunk up any mechanism, screen mesh, or seal. 3.) Any compromised seal is going to invite gnats and fruit flies, which are small enough to get through small gaps and are attracted to warmth and CO2.
Im hoping someone has thought of this already and found a solution. Any advice?
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2022.01.20 02:04 magnolia-lapislazuli Who’s the leak?

I’ve read til the 7th volume and I couldn’t find out who the rumoured “leak” is supposed to be. To anyone who has read up til volume 8; has it been mentioned or at least hinted who the leak may be?
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2022.01.20 02:04 Maximum-Audience-792 [US] This or That? - In which of these countries is Arabic an official language? [01-20-2021]

[US] This or That? - In which of these countries is Arabic an official language? [01-20-2021] 📷Quiz and Answers📷
Earn five points per question - up to 50 points total - when you answer correctly.
This or That
List ordered in Alphabetical order A, B, C.

1 Qatar
3 Somalia
4 Saudi Arabia
5 Kuwait
6 Comoros
7 Syria
8 Bahrain
9 Sudan
10 Mauritania
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2022.01.20 02:04 AniGabe discord_irl

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2022.01.20 02:04 zenith2nadir The Altean Prince finally did it!

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2022.01.20 02:04 pepepepeppepodpeoeoe Perfect job but I have horrible feelings about it

Hi, in 2020 I decided to pursue a career as an Illustratior.
I've been mildly successful and typically spend around 30 hours a week illustrating at home along side of three classes which are full time.
A company emailed me and said my portfolio was exactly what they liked to see. I haven't explicitly said yes due to there being a formal art test but it's very likely I will pass and they will offer the position.
It seems like one of those opportunities I would be stupid to give up. Its a 9-5 and 5/7 work week with a little over an hour long commute. The pay is good enough I would be able to afford to live on my own which is insane to me. I would have to quit school.
I'm just wondering if there are others who have had similar feelings of dread despite it being a nearly perfect opportunity.
I feel like my world will end which is so immature but that's how all my other work experiences have been.
I go to work, act extremely fake, go home, sleep 12 hours and then recycle it with 0 social life despite my efforts. Before each shift I sit in my car and allow myself 30 minutes to cry. I can't escape work even in my dreams and I notice myself mumbling words and phrases associated with work while at home. I don't understand my reaction because rationally I understand this shouldn't be so hard, I just don't want to fall into that cycle again. I even did volunteer work and got the same issue. I've been working since I was 14 and I'm now 22, why is this happening..
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2022.01.20 02:04 kitchenbitch97 Holy shit, they say they’re not obsessed. These people are actually stalkers. Scary

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2022.01.20 02:04 witchhunt001 New to procreate. I’ve always loved art, but withdrew from it as time passed. 10 years later digital art is all the rage. Slowly learning 😅

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2022.01.20 02:04 ideletedit710 How long after OB should I wait?

(F) ghsv1 here. My OBs aren’t bad at all and infrequent, but I have a little spot right now and am waiting for it to heal up before having sex again. If i touch it and it doesn’t hurt does that mean it’s OK, or is there a period where transmission risk is higher like as if it’s still shedding or whatever? Of course I can wait a few days to be safe, it would be cool though if as soon as it feels fine that it’s safe enough for my partner to have the least risk.
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2022.01.20 02:04 ArturEPinheiro777 Why is kali linux so hated?

Every time I post something related to Kali Linux, someone complains how I should not use it as my main OS. I tried other operating systems, but Kali is the only one where I don't have any installation trouble. Everything works so well and fine (even though I had trouble with Nvidia drivers, Kali worked out better than mint on screen tearing). Finally, it has an excellent theme (I really like Kali dark and the widgets they made available. I used mint (an ""amateur"" distro) for a month and a half, but I was still not okay with it... Many tools couldn't be installed out of its official repository and it was a mess. So my question is, why so many members of the Linux community think it shouldn't be used as the main OS? What are some good examples?
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2022.01.20 02:04 SeijiWeiss Happy Valentine's Day in January!

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2022.01.20 02:04 todayisenough Anyone in BIOST 310?

I am stuck on a homework question and would please like some help.
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2022.01.20 02:04 lSilasx What would you choose if you could only pick one?

I’m a newbie and got a fragrance sampler, not thrilled with any of them but they’re not bad.
Choices are:
YSL Y EDP Invictus Victory Versace Eros EDT Versace Dylan Blue EDT Armani Code EDP Burberry Hero EDT Calvin Klein Defy
My two most likely picks are either YSL or Invictus. They’re just more my taste and more unique IMO.
Eros is way too common, and I don’t love the scent enough to disregard that.
Dylan Blue is fine but again nothing special IMO.
Armani Code I just don’t care for to be honest. Not my taste I guess.
Burberry I didn’t like at first, then I warmed up to it.. but I swear it lasted no time at all. Because of that, it’s a no.
Calvin Klein Defy is just no… I’ve only tried a few CK fragrances but disliked them all. My first dive into the fragrance world I blind bought CK One cause it seemed like a safe bet. Literally can’t stand that fragrance - makes me feel sick. Any good CK fragrance recs?
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