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Funko Marvel Pop! Venom Jack OLantern Vinyl Bobble-Head Hot Topic Exclusive now available at Hot Topic

2022.01.24 22:44 RegExrBot Funko Marvel Pop! Venom Jack OLantern Vinyl Bobble-Head Hot Topic Exclusive now available at Hot Topic

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2022.01.24 22:44 DonutholeTheNoble ACCIDENTAL BETRAYALS | Mechwarrior Online Montage

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2022.01.24 22:44 lindsayarmstrong Is my snail dead? Why is it floating? He was crawling around on the rocks when I last looked like 20 minutes ago.

Is my snail dead? Why is it floating? He was crawling around on the rocks when I last looked like 20 minutes ago. submitted by lindsayarmstrong to Aquariums [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 22:44 Jestopherson23 [BC] M28 Beg/Intermediate looking for ski pals at Sunpeaks

I'm looking for some people to go and push my limits with/get sendy. Currently running blues and just started on "easy" blacks.
Mostly hit sunpeaks but will try out silverstar and revelstoke later this season as well.
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2022.01.24 22:44 robotsister Post a Job and Pay in BTC or BCH

Posting a job at www.coingigs.net is so fast, easy, and free!
Just fill out the form and sign up as a Client, post a job and make sure
you write a detailed description of the job, publish and wait for Freelancers to apply
and complete the job for you. Pay in BTC or BCH. Visit our website now and sign up today!
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2022.01.24 22:44 PinkPlumPie Are all the OVAs canon to the anime? How do we know for sure?

I've been told by a few people that the OVAs are Canon. But can we verify this?
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2022.01.24 22:44 moneybuddiespodcast Listen to Math Influencer, Grant Sanderson @3Blue1Brown, on the Money Buddies Podcast!!

Hi Uni Students!
Recently, I chatted with Grant Sanderson, who has amassed over 4 million subscribers for his math explainer YouTube channel, u/on3blue1brown. On the episode, we talk about his journey to mathematics, how to learn mathematics, and more! (As we all know), Grant is super cool and I think you would all enjoy listening!!
Here's the link to his episode! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3IkpA3m0H8
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2022.01.24 22:44 loveumurphy [Amazon] 45% Off cosone Shooting Game Toy for Kids $21.99 [Code: 5DWGCLS5 + Coupon ]

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2022.01.24 22:44 samacora [Oliver Thomas] No roster transactions for the Patriots on Monday's afternoon wire, after contracts expired for 12 members of the practice squad.

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2022.01.24 22:44 vinodjetley YouTube videos on Tesla

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2022.01.24 22:44 Dck_IN_MSHED_POTATOS Theory: SHF always drop GME less percentage of AMC while shills promote "switching teams"

I hold both stocks. I don't know shit. But, maybe a wrinkle brain could look into this. The main takeaway is whatever you hold now, keep holding (like you've been), and if you want more of another stock, just buy it, but don't sell shit.
They want AMC to paper hand for GME at a loss that is too confusing for Smooth Brains recognize. Some GME apes might think it's a good idea for AMC to paper hand and buy GME, but that would only give SHF more fire power.
Here goes: The following MIGHT be a SHF tactic.
Step 1= Lets say: (AVG of GameStop is $200, and AVG of AMC is $40)
Step 2= FUD RELEASED: Sell popcorn now and buy GME (usually lots of shills)
Step 3 = GME drops %50 to 100, AMC drops %75 to 10
Step 4 = APE sells AMC, then buys GME, but there is a %25 value lost (for the individual)
Step 5 = DEATH BLOW = if AMC apes paper handed, some Apes would make ok, but many other wouldn't. Then SHF use that cash they earned to suplex GME (not defeat GME, but it would hurt)
No one knows the real price of these stocks, so all I (as a smooth brain) can do is look at movement percentages between them. However, SHF knows the value. If SHF can get AMC to paper hand, it be a huge win for SHF, to use against GME and drag this shit out longer.
If a wrinkle brain could look into this, maybe a better DD can be done with charts n stuff.

Relative Value
Also, the dollar, assets, real estate, all of this, all have relative value, NOTHING has absolute value except YOUR LIFE. So since everything has relative value, observe the drops in relation to each other. But, I've yet to see GME's percentage drop FAR below AMCs. I could bet, a lot can be uncovered simply by comparing SHF positions, and the relative value or percentage movements. Is this called anything? If it is, let me know. If it's not. Maybe I'll have to do my own Deep Dive DD that might be worth a shit. It could be good to show everyone SHF's game.

Whatever you hold: Keep that shitaki. I hold both, and buy both equally 50% 50% every purchase. Not financial advice.
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2022.01.24 22:44 InstructionOld2725 Early Raid Hiding from wifey on the throne

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2022.01.24 22:44 gamersans89 Sans Gaming

Sans Gaming
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2022.01.24 22:44 Humes4 [ps4] Looking for someone to drop the demons scar ( and onyx blade if possible )

From what I’ve seen its possible to use dlc weapons without having the dlc itself. Im currently using a pyromancer and want to use said weapons but cant afford the dlc’s right now. I was hoping someone could drop me the demons scar and onyx blade.
Psn: Humes07
Also the “07” isnt for 2007. I was unaware that was what it meant and now people think I’m 14.
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2022.01.24 22:44 No-Trade7508 Insanely deep SH2 analysis Holocaust and Ronald Reagan

Not mine but i just remembered stumbling on these videos years ago and saw that not many have seen these haha anyway it is interesting stuff.
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2022.01.24 22:44 ramsesleroi Airline carrier approved for cirgi?

Hi, corgi moms, dads, & parents!
Any suggestions on airline approved carrier for your bread loaves? I have a 30 lb flufball and I'm deciding what you have used yourselves as a carrier inside the cabin.

Thanks in advance±
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2022.01.24 22:44 ShockerRider5 Trying this again... help me find this movie

Trying this again...
Around 2007/2008 when I was around 6 or 7 years old, I came across a clip on my dad's computer, which he recently told me that it came from somewhere on Usenet, specifically alt.binaries.pictures.grotesque. This clip is apparently from the late 80s/early 90s according to a friend who said that he saw it around that time on a VHS tape. He does not know the name of the film either. I really want to see this again, hell, I want to see the whole thing.
The memory is extremely fuzzy since it was so long ago.
It started with a really loud high pitched buzzsaw in the beginning (this is the part I remember the most, I can still remember the sound and how I felt hearing it), and then cut to a bloody bald man on a stretcher with a bullet hole in his head. I'm not sure if they're rolling him in or the camera man is walking towards the body. I remember his blanket being extremely bloodsoaked, especially towards the middle, it was like a pool of blood. I think the end of the clip had doctors doing an autopsy of the man, and that was the end of it.
I know it's not a lot of information, but that is everything I remember. For some reason, when I watch the intro to Faces of Death II, I get the same vibes I get when I think of this clip, even though what I'm looking for was much more brutal than that, as my friend described it was extremely brutal, not cheesy at all. The editing definitely screamed that it was from some movie, I think I remember some sort of music in the back but I'm not 100% sure. There was definitely no talking in it, and it was in color. The blood was really over the top, but I could be misremembering as I was so young and extremely disturbed by this at the time. It's not on my dad's computer anymore because my mom forced him to delete it because I told her about it.
Please help me find this, I REALLY want to see this again.
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2022.01.24 22:44 No_Rock_9672 reddit went down so have some cake 😋✨

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2022.01.24 22:44 D3id Pokémon Blanco nuzloke iniciado

Por el momento llevo una medalla y todo bien
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2022.01.24 22:44 Caden_Cornobi The Google Dinosaur Game, recreated using only redstone

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2022.01.24 22:44 xrpykqhs Barcelona are ready to take advantage as Dusan Vlahovic saga takes new turn

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2022.01.24 22:44 lil-bacon Thought of this at 3 in the morning and knew I hade to make it

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2022.01.24 22:44 melisandmermai My bestfriend and I are in love

So.. my bestfriend(20M) and I(19F) met 6 years ago. He loves me and I love him but no one of us made the first step. August 2021 was the month I decided I want to make it. He kinda accepted it and he did not refuse or anything.. I started being more sweet with him and what couples do. Well, nothing changed until January 2022 because of a long story about his past and I understood him.
January 2022 was the month we decided to "upgrade" what's between us :D. We talked about a lot of stuff and after a fer hours he did confess his feelings to me.. also he said we are together for a few years but unofficial. He always talks about how happy I make him and his life wouldn't be the same without me.. a lot of sweet things. I was very happy because I love him very very much and I know he does that too.. We started the relationship and everything was perfect. After one week we talked about it and he told me he feels weird, pressed because of the relationship. He knows he hurt me, he said he is really sorry and understands every decision I am going to take.
He says that he can't love.. he feels weird and he realised that if he cannot love me then he's lost.. because I am the only person that he trust 100% and I have a lot of qualities, as he says.. Also whenever I tried to flirt with him, he did continue because he felt good and loved and he knows how much I love him but after some time he would feel bad like he did something wrong. He is in another city for studying.. I will move to that city for studies too soon. After a few months we will live together. Maybe things will get different. He also says that he cannot give me what I deserve and I always explain him he does.. even more than what I deserve. As I said he is perfect.. he got a pure and amazing heart, he treats me very well, he takes care of me, he loves me in his way, he helps me with everything, he is handsome, smart, funny, incredible.. He is just the type of man you cannot say "no" to..
I really wish things will get better and we will be able to solve something.. I regret that it did not work.. I really love this man from the bottom of my heart and I did it for years but my fear of losing this friendship was too big. But I risked.. I risked and I do not regret. I just hope that we will solve it.. I do not want to lose him and I honestly see him in my future. He is a perfect man but his past made him think different and made him feel different about relationships.. It makes me sad and frustrated. Also we are friends for now and I try as much as I can to be normal around him and act like before.. but it is hard, it kills me. Whenever we talk on phone I try to make my voice sound like before but my heart does not let me.
I do not know what to say, I really feel bad and I just want things to work better.. I want to help him but it is not a thing I can help with. I hope he will try to change and we will be able to continue what we started but ended after 1 week. I feel so lucky for having him in my life and every time I think that he is a gift from God. I love him a lot and I wish that everything was different.. I regret that I did not risk earlier. I should've done that years ago. I love him and I really want him to be by my side. We always act like lovers but we never were together except for that one week. Also his friends saw that and kept asking if we are together and saying that I am so in love with him so is he..
TL;DR: my bestfriend and I tried a relationship after 6 years of friendship but things did not go very well. Because of his past and bad experience in love, his heart turned cold. He does not feel the love as he used to before and it was the reason we broke up. He thinks he is not enough for me and his love is forced. He feels pressed and weird. He is an amazing man but he is very confused.
What should we do? How should we treat the relationship? Will things get better when we will meet again? What do you think? How can I fix it?
P.S: I am sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker and I studied it by myself.. I'm sorry for my grammar mistakes!
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2022.01.24 22:44 ResponsibilityOk4971 Location South Africa. Any idea what acacia this is?

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