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I’m going to be starting a “Dutch Moneyball” career with AZ Alkmaar. What are some tips or suggestions you guys have? I’ll post what I’m thinking about doing for the backstory and rules in the comments

2022.01.20 01:52 2ndcg I’m going to be starting a “Dutch Moneyball” career with AZ Alkmaar. What are some tips or suggestions you guys have? I’ll post what I’m thinking about doing for the backstory and rules in the comments

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2022.01.20 01:52 excellentacorn Another barking puppy...

My 5 month old basset hound / GSD / husky mix is playful, calm, and fearless 99% of the time... until he walks outside and yells at everyone, including inflatable Santas and garbage cans.
If approached by a dog or person (which rarely happens, since no one wants to approaching a growling barking dog even one who is 11 inches tall), he is quiet, gentle and curious and usually ends up either playing with the other dog or getting bored and moving on.
At the dog park he plays with dogs of all sizes, no barking, a little timid at first but generally fine. I only take him when there are very few dogs and everyone seems low key. If a person tries to pet him he runs away though.
Then he's Mr. Tough Guy when he's back on the leash. I've tried treating him when he notices people or dogs from a distance (with or without a verbal cue) the 123 trick when passing people, and he does know the commands "quiet" and "let's go". But if he's even a little surprised by someone nearby all bets are off. And every time we leave the house he flies out the door barking in all directions like some sort of siren even if no one's there.
Any other ideas? Debating if I should continue trying to bring him to places with a lot of people (where he can still stay distant) to desensitize, or if putting him in those situations repeatedly is making it worse....
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2022.01.20 01:52 patstacksss (QC) Red Thunder 4’s from Yang.

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2022.01.20 01:52 longlivekw69 Stay safe out there (SERIOUS)

This is a serious post. I know people will joke around in the comments but this is actually something serious that I want to say because I care about the people in this community.
There have been some check up posts on this sub over the past couple of months and I know a lot of people aren't doing too well. That's likely because a lot of people on this sub are younger, including myself, and are going through pretty crucial developmental stages in their life with a lot of changes and inconsistencies.
Seeing that you guys use Reddit as an outlet,
PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WITH MENTAL HEALTH SUBREDDITS. Mental health subreddits, especially ones primarily for venting, are not only indulgent, but potentially dangerous especially if you are female. I used to visit selfharm quite frequently, and it was probably the worst thing I could do for my path to recovery. Mental health subreddits are not a place to get better. A majority of what you will see is people venting, and when you are sad that's what you want to see, people in the same position as you. Indulging in negative feelings will only bring you further down. Posting in there you may get you some advice, but a majority of it will just be replies from other people relating or proving that their own situation is worse. That type of behavior and seeing the extremity of other people's own situations will make you feel like your own problems are invalid, and that things need to get worse for them to be real.
The best thing I did for my mental health was get off of selfharm, where I wasn't constantly exposed to and reminded of my problems.
MENTAL HEALTH SUBREDDITS ARE ALSO MAJOR TERRITORIES FOR GROOMERS. It is disgusting, but groomers use these places to take advantage of vulnerable people. While it also does happen to men, if you are female please do not reply to private messages from people in mental health subreddits, keep it in the comments.
seek help and not all mental health subs are bad PLEASE SEEK HELP. If you are struggling it is 100% okay to ask for help. I know it seems tough but imagine if your friend asked you for help, you would do it in an instant. They will do the same for you. If you need professional help, see a counselor at your school. It may not be great, but it's something. Maybe consider a therapist if you have the money. Also, I'm not saying that all mental health subs are bad or unhealthy, just a majority of the ones that I have seen. If it works for you and you are getting better, continue visiting whichever mental health sub you are visiting, just keep in mind the grooming presence.
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2022.01.20 01:52 _UranusIsNotAJoke If we’re serious about a general strike, we should seriously consider February 2nd, “Twosday”.

If we’re going to do it, we should do it, and two weeks would give us enough time to get the word out. It’s an easy day to remember both for organization and history.
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2022.01.20 01:52 christoffrrr I need some help understanding why IVF is now being allowed to resume?

So first off my opinion on IVF is not a favourable one I realise. This may be a very controversial post.
This stems from quite a few things more so in regards to society rather than IVF itself

  1. Children being brought up in disadvantaged homes (much like myself) their are a lot of kids brought into the world that simply shouldn't be. Due to abuse, poor financial situations, ect. Yes i understand that IVF is expensive and that shows a commitment to the cause. However there needs to be a basic competency test done to show youre able to raise a child which leads to my second point.
  2. Parents arnt tested on competency to raise a child. To drive a car, I need to pass a test. To get a job, I need to pass a test. To do anything in life I pretty much need to show competency in order to do said thing. As a gay man, im not allowed to donate blood, and only recently am I allowed to marry (after it was voted on) of course. I am not given human rights due to my sexual preference, and in my opinion to being a CHILD into this this world. To create consciousness at a very minimum there should be some kind of test that assesses both mental and financial health.
  3. Children are a product of capitalism. My issue here is that you have no choice in consciousness. Once you're born, that's a choice you dont get to make. And once your born, you are now in a system that benefits the rich and straddles the poor. Unless you're privileged enough to be brought into a wealthy and mentally functional family that can give you a head start with knowledge and power in regards to capital you're most likely going to spend your life working as a slave. No matter what "career" you choose, work is work and its still another cog in the machine that is capital that is slowly but surely destroying the planet. From the day you're born to the day you die you are a product of capitalism and pretty much every single way of escaping that (is, homelessness) has been made illegal.
  4. The world is not a good place. I truly have seen the worst in life that it has to offer. If you are privileged then you may have been able to avoid it, but honestly that's just a result of luck. All it would take is just a small disaster, not much worse than covid for people to go insane. People are only safe as long as their environment is safe. Take away their shelter and foods and we would very quickly return to our animalistic ways. From rape to murder to any kind of abuse. The world is not a safe place and any one who tells you otherwise is living in fantasy land.
  5. IVF IS ELECTIVE. I dont care if you're body is "aging". We're all aging. Every single day. And your narcissist desire to "create a copy of yourself" with your own DNA is disgusting. There are so many children out there struggling right now that need foster parents or that are up for adoption. And you choose to make your own? Its so disgustingly selfish and narcissistic it makes me sick. You could actually make a difference in a child's life. Yet you just want to make another version of yourself.
I know this is going to be a very controversial post, and im happy to be educated as I may not know everything. I personally would love to foster a child to give them the best head start in life.
But I could never understand the desire to have my own and find it so twisted that we live in a society with so many restrictions and regulation to absolutely everything we do. But having child (which could become a very dangerous person if not cared for properly and brought up with proper access to mental health services) is completely acceptable. It blows my mind.
I have quite a few more things to say, especially in regards to ethics, philosophy and economic impact and social structure but it honestly gets pretty in tense.
Im also aware that my view on life is very "glass half empty"
But I find your view on life a privilege, much like financial privilege. If society has protected you thsts great, but its an illusion to think it will forever and if it does youre very lucky.
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2022.01.20 01:52 fleepisretarded 47 k genesect 40 mins left

1827 9496 7970
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2022.01.20 01:52 chi2244 Budget and Wedding Recap | $74K | IL | 120 Guests | Fall 2021

We had an incredible day and be warned, I have a LOT to say!

Costs Venue(s): $33K
Church Ceremony: $1,185 for the ceremony fee, marriage license, and marriage prep
Reception Venue: $32,088 including the food & beverage minimum, service fee, tax, tables, dance floor, china, linens, flatware, glassware, staff, morning-of food, champagne toast, cake, sweets table, late-night bites, and night-of accommodation. We felt this gave us a good bang for our buck & expected guest count pre-Covid, and the beauty of the space made me feel comfortable having minimal floral.
Food & Drinks
Included in the $32K above: Five passed appetizers, soup, four entree options, cake, sweets table (six options), coffee/tea, late-night bites, open bar w/ wine at dinner, and champagne. The food satisfied everyone we talked to, including those with dietary restrictions.
Attire: $5K
Bride’s attire: $1,045 for gown and shipping. The salon was great. I tried on more than 65 dresses at seven stores before making a decision. I thought I would get a minimalist dress with sleeves but ended up with no sleeves. I also considered lace, but in my heart knew that sleek and elegant felt the most “me.” The designer shipped to my salon & the salon shipped to me in 3 ½ months, just before Covid.
Bride’s alterations: $415. Not the best experience, especially since my bustle broke thrice on the actual day. I needed four fittings plus a fifth appointment for a minor tweak. The second fitting was especially stressful; I bought and returned a backup dress.
Bride’s accessories: $999 for a dress topper, veil + veil swatches, shoes, earrings, headband, PJs, and pasties
Bridesmaids’ attire (Something Blue): $119 for getting ready PJs, masks, and fabric swatches.
Groom’s attire: $2,291 for a splurgey tux. Not sure of his accessories or tailoring costs.
Groomsmen’s attire: Rented from The Black Tux. This went fine despite the negative reviews lately. Masks were $27.
Decor: $5K
Reception florals: $2,808 for six bouquets, eight bouts, and two corsages; floral & candles for 14 guest tables, the head table, highboys, escort table, gift table, and cake; plus drapery.
Rentals: $1,816 for a chair upgrade. The venue’s provided option was heavy and drab, so renting was worth it to us personally.
Card box, guest book, table numbers: $267 for the card box + sign, guest book + sign, camera film, pens, tape, and table numbers. Signs were designed through Canva and printed through Shutterfly.
Ceremony - misc.: $14 for a unity candle from Michael’s and bouquet charm from Jo-Ann’s
Stationery: $650
Save-the-dates: $155 for save-the-date postcards, postage, and a change-the-date Etsy template we emailed upon postponement.
Invitations: $362 for invites, details cards, envelopes with addressing, and postage. We had some issues with Minted, but they gave us a discount for the trouble on top of their decent July promotion.
Thank yous: $83 for cards, envelope seals, and postage. Stamps add up! Don’t forget white-out if you’re prone to handwriting errors like me.
Programs: $27, considered a gift for my mom. I designed them in Canva using Etsy designs as inspiration.
Escort cards: $30, also designed through Canva. Printing through CatPrint was easy, though I cut it close with the delivery date between finalizing guests’ meals and table numbers.
We didn’t need menus, but created a free sample through Zola as a memento.
Other Vendors: $29K
Planner: $5,500 for partial planning and Covid rebooking fee
Music: $475 for the ceremony and $10,900 for the reception (recorded music during cocktail hour, jazz quartet during dinner, 8-piece band for dancing, plus lighting). Postponing to a Friday saved us a Covid rebooking fee.
Photographer: $100 gifted to a photographer friend for engagement pics, and $6,050 for 10 ½ hours + 2 professional shooters on the actual day. We added the extra half-hour the week before the wedding.
Videographer: $2,590 for 9.5 hours + 1 shooter
Makeup artist: $125 trial, $200 day-of, $75 additional stylist fee, and $25 tip. Worth the extra stylist for a more efficient morning getting ready! The trial helped me figure out that I preferred individual lashes.
Hairstylist: $125 trial, $200 day-of, and $75 additional stylist fee. I ended up completely switching my style after my trial, so I suppose the trial helped.
Officiant: We provided a $225 stipend to the priest from my childhood church.
Transportation: $805 for a limo bus. Parents covered their own transportation.
Dance lessons: $480. Fun for date night! It helped us stay excited and connected before the wedding.
Tips + vendor parking: $1,269
Hotel block: Courtesy block for $159/night
Website and registry: Zola. Great experience with the platform itself except: some items are out of stock due to the supply chain, we had to reorder an item that was undeliverable, and Zola had some sync issues with Target in the beginning.
Gifts: $900
Wedding party gifts: $743. Guys got duffel bags and a handwritten card. Gals got jewelry and a handwritten card plus the PJs. I also wrote a card for my ceremony reader.
Parent gifts: $155. We digitized FH’s parents’ wedding video, and I ordered a handkerchief for my dad.
Wedding favors: None
Not Included in Budget
What Went Well Funny Moments
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2022.01.20 01:52 Keittolounas What exactly is meant by "soft processing" in terms of food processing?

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2022.01.20 01:52 7f7cyx5xc89gotx4z Easter Egg found in The Signal (2007)

Hello! Some of you may remember this awesome movie. The Signal (2007) is quite unique. Well, I was rewatching this gem tonight when I thought I recognized a website URL flash on the screen for what had to be 1 frame only. It turns out I was right. This movie involves a mysterious television signal being broadcast to people, causing them to behave erratically. The image I captured below appears at around 2 minutes and 43 seconds into the movie. I cannot make out the full address but it looks like "iect.com" or perhaps "sect.com". Does anyone know what this is or have any other information? I'd like to solve this mystery.
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2022.01.20 01:52 NickGoku32 Southwestern US

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2022.01.20 01:52 Feelozofhee Thoughts on Xavier McDaniel?

Any badge/shoe Recs? Do you like him at the 3 or the 4?
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2022.01.20 01:52 nikkieh123 Which field of cheme requires the least use of organic chemistry?

Asking because I’m in the class rn and it is god awful
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2022.01.20 01:52 Goowatchi Superman shimmy Batman jimmy

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2022.01.20 01:52 thicc_astronaut STOP POSTING BFB R34, I am TIRED OF SEEING IT! My friends on TikTok send me Fireafy, on Discord it's Losercake! I was on a server, okay, and ALL the channels are just Coiny and Pin.

STOP POSTING BFB R34, I am TIRED OF SEEING IT! My friends on TikTok send me Fireafy, on Discord it's Losercake! I was on a server, okay, and ALL the channels are just Coiny and Pin. submitted by thicc_astronaut to BattleForDreamIsland [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 01:52 Your-Pikmin Coming sometime in 2022.

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2022.01.20 01:52 ManufacturerNo4480 Does the Corsair 280x come with a commander core pro. I can’t find if it does or not online

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2022.01.20 01:52 Fun-Conversation1538 What the Rapture is this horror music?

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2022.01.20 01:52 Gerry1of1 Norm Macdonald - Missed Opportunity

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2022.01.20 01:52 iSuffee do i post a selfie?

i’m worried to post a selfie due to the fact that this is the internet and i don’t need shit going on or deal with.
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2022.01.20 01:52 BigChoo20 Got blocked on other account Dm on snap or telegram @Bigchoo17 (Serious inquires only)

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2022.01.20 01:52 manofmanystrenghts Hybrid ward slayer Shaco Jungle

Hybrid ward slayer Shaco Jungle I present you my amazing hybrid ward slayer Shaco jungle microsoft paint guide
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2022.01.20 01:52 krlosz2620 Took me 3 weeks but Guardian farm is officially Finished, may turn it into a base.

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2022.01.20 01:52 Aerall22 3 Hours Gentle ThunderStorm and Rain to Sleep Peacefully | Sleep, Relaxation, Meditation, Study.

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2022.01.20 01:52 tobadsosad1235 My Kind of People

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