Preteens could get vaccinated without parents’ consent under new California bill

2022.01.24 19:09 iushciuweiush Preteens could get vaccinated without parents’ consent under new California bill

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2022.01.24 19:09 DisruptSQ British air passenger (Kieran Harris, 19) on an Alicante-Manchester EasyJet flight threatens to kill cabin crew over masks, alcohol service, safety belts; 'I will f--k you up. You and your stupid sh-t Eastern European accent. I will f--king kill you'; 'I know people - I'm not scared of the police'

British air passenger (Kieran Harris, 19) on an Alicante-Manchester EasyJet flight threatens to kill cabin crew over masks, alcohol service, safety belts; 'I will f--k you up. You and your stupid sh-t Eastern European accent. I will f--king kill you'; 'I know people - I'm not scared of the police' submitted by DisruptSQ to whitetourists [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 19:09 Heyyhowdyyhey I can’t figure out how to rotate this shape! Every time I do it starts folding in on itself, I just want it in line with the axis

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2022.01.24 19:09 Profecionallystupid Spiky Boi

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2022.01.24 19:09 MrCoffeeBich So I converted the base model and then the hair from vrm to pmx. I connected the hair bones to the head bones but when I turn the physics on this happens. Any help??

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2022.01.24 19:09 rhodeislandreddit 10th Gen OEM rain guards

While trying to install some OEM window visors (rain guards) for my ‘19 EX I accidentally dropped one of the little tiny black push pin screws onto my stone/shell driveway and it’s pretty much lost.
Any type of DIY replacement or do you think it’s ok if I leave one screw missing on one of them? Anything helps.
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2022.01.24 19:09 ActuallyUhBot KIN 1565A Online?

Has anyone ever taken any of the kinesiology activities online? I just added an asynchronous weight training course and I'm curious as to how this is going to work.
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2022.01.24 19:09 AdRepresentative7600 Etisalat Company in the UAE Telecom Industry

Executive Summary The purpose of this paper is to analyze the business strategies of Etisalat Group; as a result, it conducts the industry and company analysis and assesses the strategic options, market shares, sales projections, and various business scenarios of the last three years to understand the company’s performance. The outcome of this report would assist the top management of Etisalat Group to have an expert opinion that would help it to review and restructure the existing strategies, improve the service quality and performance, and identify the new areas of investment. Introduction Etisalat Group is one of the multinational giants in the telecommunications and ICT sector, which started its journey in 1976 as an analog operator in the United Arab Emirates market; now, it is operating in seventeen countries with a market capitalization of the US $36 billion, and working with various technical experts to bring out innovative products and high-quality services. The company established its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, and for the last four decades, it has been consistently fostering its innovative technologies and exploring those in the markets; this has helped it to become the pioneer in the fifth-generation (5G) ICT platforms, and to gain a strong customer base of 163 million globally. The objective of this report is to provide further insight into how the top management of Etisalat Group reviews and renovates the business strategies for sustainable growth in the UAE. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis for Etisalat The threat of New Entrants The risk of new entrants is considerably low since new companies require a large investment to take part in the telecommunication industry; therefore, starting a business in this sector is very hard (Abdullah 1). On the other hand, existing multinational companies have sufficient financial capabilities to enter the UAE telecommunication sector using different entry route strategies; therefore, the government of this country imposed various restrictions and legal barriers in order to decrease the number of competitors in this segment. Abdullah stated that multinational companies implement merger and acquisition strategies ‘to gain competitive advantages’ and share common resources to capture the market share in the UAE; moreover, the government has changed its policy because of the global financial crisis and the new revenue stream (1). However, the government of the country has encouraged new entrants with the incentive of low licensing fees; consequently, new entrants could take the chance to enter in this prospective telecommunication market (Abdullah 1). Conversely, new entrants will face severe challenges because Etisalat has a good infrastructure and strong brand awareness for providing quality solutions to the local customers, for which it would be able to retain loyal clients. Bargaining power of buyers The bargaining power of Etisalat’s customer groups varies in different countries, for instance, it has a large number of loyal customers in the UAE because it is the mere competitor here, but the scenario is different in Saudi Arabia and Morocco. At the same time, the customers could switch to other companies while the switching expenditure is minimal; in addition, they are concerned about the price of the products; thus, the overall bargaining power of the buyers is medium. Bargaining Power of Suppliers According to the annual report of Etisalat, the company has significantly reduced its operating costs by negotiating with its dependable suppliers to decrease procurement expenses. It has been argued that it is one of the largest business organizations in the UAE, which gives it the opportunity to exercise huge bargaining power over the suppliers; moreover, new product development depends on the innovatory solutions of the suppliers. On the other hand, mainly two companies control the telecommunications industry in the UAE, for which the bargaining power of the suppliers is relatively low; however, Etisalat should include flexible provisions in the agreements with suppliers. Figure 1: Porter five forces for Etisalat. Source: Self-generated Threat of Substitutes The threat of substitute products is comparatively high in the telecommunication industry of the country because the customers are free to use e-mails, Facebook, Google, or Yahoo messengers, twitter, and many other social networking solutions to communicate instantly with each other. It is notable that Etisalat provides both landline and mobile telephony services, for which it has to face minimal risks from substitutes; in addition, new invention always attracts the customers of the telecommunication industry (Abdullah 1). Competitive Rivalry According to the statement of the Chief Executive Officer of Etisalat, the company is in a strong position to overcome the possible challenges and carry on mega and complex digital projects. The competition between the two existing companies is extremely high because both companies intend to capture the leading position by attracting the customers of other companies since these organizations have the financial stability to compete with the latest technology. It is important to argue that according to the annual report of 2016, Etisalat has launched the first-ever 3G network in the Middle East market and introduced 4G (LTE) for the customers in the UAE. Industry Analysis It has been reported that the telecom industry giant and the ICT service provider Etisalat has successfully continued its uninterrupted growth by collaborating with the third parties in introducing new business solutions to leverage broadband infrastructure, and such growth trend would persist until Expo 2020 Dubai (Growing Market Saturation in Dubai Telecoms Increasing Competition for High-Quality Content 1). Irrespective of the challenges in the telecom industry, Etisalat and DU continues to be the two major duopolistic players in the UAE market, even though Al Yah Satellite Communications, Al Yah Satellite, and Media Zone have recently entered the market for satellite services and LG Electronics has penetrated through collaboration with Etisalat for IP-based security. Company Analysis Current ratio Table 1: Current Ratio. Source: Self generated. The current ratio of the company has been improving gradually from 2014 to 2016; whilst in 2014 and 2015, the ratio was less than one; it rose above one in 2016. This indicates that the company has recovered from the potential risk of bankruptcy in recent years because a current ratio below one represents that the liabilities are higher than assets. Quick Ratio Table 2: Quick ratio. Source: Self generated. It is crucial to note that the business’s liquidity position has enhanced in the previous year since the higher the quick ratio, the better is the company’s liquidity situation. In 2016, it was above one, even though in the 2014 to 2015 period, the ratio was much lower. Debt-to-Worth Ratio Table 3: Debt-to-worth ratio. Source: Self generated. Throughout the three years, there were fluctuations in the debt-to-worth ratio – it is necessary for companies to keep this ratio lower because a higher ratio could indicate a risky situation for the creditors of the business. The ratio finally developed in 2016 and it is highly essential for the company to maintain this scenario in the longer run. Gross Profit Margin Table 4: Gross profit margin. Source: Self-generated. The gross profit margin has been noticed to decrease gradually; in 2014, it was much higher than in 2015, and in 2016, it again lowered slightly. It is highly essential for the company to increase this figure in the upcoming years in order to attract new investors. Net Margin Table 5: Net profit margin. Source: Self generated. NPM is a vital ratio and it directly shows the real condition of a firm’s financial health – as a result, from the above table, investors can get a quick glimpse of the company’s internal scenario, and allow the business to decide whether the current strategies are working or not. It is notable that the company’s net profit margin has slowly lessened over the period, and it reached the lowest point in 2016. This should be revitalized as quickly as possible in order to bring back the business to its full form. Return on assets (ROA) Table 6: Return on total assets. Source: Self-generated. The return on total assets has developed in 2016 in comparison to 2015; this is indeed a noteworthy improvement since ROA remains a vital point of reference for the investors. However, the company should seek ways to develop it further in the upcoming financial years through the adoption of suitable strategies. Total assets turnover Table 7: Total assets turnover. Source: Self generated. The above figures illustrate how competent the firm is at the utilization of its existing assets in order to accumulate the sales revenue; it is apparent from the table above that the business remained successful in boosting up this figure in the 2015 to 2016 period. Return on Investment (ROI) Table 8: Return on total assets. Source: Self-generated. The return on investment ratio shows the extent to which an investment remained successful; it is essential to argue that the company’s efficiency has increased in terms of ROI in the recent years in comparison to 2014 – this effectiveness should be maintained over the longer period. Debt Equity Ratio Table 9: Debt Equity Ratio. Source: Self-generated. This ratio would indicate a firm’s financial leverage; it is apparently arguable from the table above that the debt-equity ratio of the business has increased throughout the period, and in 2016, it reached the highest point. This indicates that the business is trying to be more capital intensive in the current year in comparison with the previous years. Customer Analysis According to the annual report (2016), the company enjoys a strong base of 162 million satisfied consumers both in-home and foreign markets, and it has been able to come up with apt business organizations, smart individuals, retail outlets, and governmental agencies, whilst striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction by meeting the increasing demands of people for a better experience. With its innovative solutions in the fields of LAN, GSM, 4G, 5G, Internet connectivity, security, and cloud service, it has been able to boost its customer base every year in 17 countries; for instance, its customer base was 54 million in Morocco, nearly 20 million in Nigeria, and 22 million in Pakistan, representing a total increase of 8% in 2016. SWOT Analysis of Etisalat Strengths Brand Awareness: being a government-owned company, Etisalat has a strong brand image in the national market, and it operates in 19 countries all over the world with huge success (Haseeb 1); Financial strength: According to the annual report (2016), Etisalat has demonstrated extraordinary financial performance in the last five years. Here, the following table gives more information regarding the financial capabilities of the company: Figure 2: Financial position. Source: Etisalat (62). Rapid Expansion: Etisalat is one of the fastest-growing telecom operators in the global market since the number of customers was only four million in 2006, and this figure suddenly increased to 136 million from 2007 to 2016; Technology: As per the annual report of Etisalat Group, the company is committed to provide differentiated products and offer innovative services using the most advanced technological applications; Customer relationship management: Understanding the customers appropriately and generating adequately trustworthy relationships are the main objectives of the company; Quality: For the last four decades, Etisalat has provided reliable and high-quality services to the customers Weaknesses Operation in the global marketplace: Because of the adverse political and economic scenarios in certain markets, it is often difficult for the company to control the operating costs and to reduce other financial risks (Haseeb 1); Others challenges for the company include managing the global operations and internal business environment, ensuring service quality in the overseas markets, expatriates management, and so on Opportunities Business expansion: Etisalat has an opportunity to promote its products and services in some new countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia; Diversification: According to the yearly reports of the company, Etisalat concentrates on the diversification of its products and services to sustain as a market leader in the telecommunication sector of the UAE; Merger and acquisition strategy: Implementation of this strategy will give the company an opportunity to expand the business rapidly in the international market; Long experience: Etisalat has the scope to learn from previous mistakes and develop a professional management team to save innocent customers from unexpected troubles Threats Competitors: The strong performance of the competitors is the main threat for this company since competitors like Vodafone, Three Mobile, AT&T, and Telenor have the required financial strength to develop new products and to enhance networking, internet, and telecommunication services for the customers of the UAE; Contract with foreign companies: Joint ventures with international market players may cause financial risks. In addition, it may become difficult for Etisalat to ensure the quality and originality of its product line, which can adversely affect the performance of the company Strategy, Objectives, and Goals In 2017, Etisalat Group adopted a new strategy of accommodating the core mission and visions of the company, which were based upon the five aspects; these features included operational excellence, portfolio management, the brilliance of offered services, wonderful customer experience, fair treatment towards the employees, and harmonized organizational culture both in foreign and domestic markets. In 2012, the company introduced its corporate-level strategy that aimed to enhance its global market without hampering the steady growth rate in the local market; in doing this, it achieved successful outcomes by rapidly developing its market share in the global telecom industry. Figure 3: Objectives and goals. Source: Etisalat (64) Etisalat has adopted some new strategic goals and objectives, and these are briefly analyzed below: Business strategy: Etisalat initiated its business strategy on the basis of brilliant performance, superior quality, and a high degree of collaboration with stakeholders and integration of contemporary HR practices; moreover, it believes that continuous internal improvement is the driver of progress; Marketing and sales strategy: This strategy focuses on providing the right product in the right place during the correct time, whilst coordinating with brand loyalty and engaging with the best deals; International expansion strategy: This strategy has been organized through a solid structure of good governance to carry out the standards of corporate discipline smartly in the overseas market by appointing tested and trusted employees; Digital transformation strategy: Being the pioneer of the 5G network in the local market of the UAE amid the adverse business environment of the modern telecommunication industry, the digital transformation strategy of the company has driven it to collaborate with Dubai Parks and Resorts to generate long-term value for its stakeholders in all spheres; Versatile and balanced strategy: The versatile and balanced strategy allows the company to enhance its core services to uphold its leadership in the ICT market by introducing newfangled technologies that make its portfolio smarter than ever; moreover, its customer-centric operations allow it to become the most competitive network infrastructure in the GCC and MENA region; Segment-based strategy: Etisalat has aligned the segment-based strategy with its subsidiaries to provide sophisticated services to the ‘high-value’ customer segments rather than the ‘high volume’ customer segments; these helped it to maintain its rate of customer retention; Long-term strategy: The long-term strategy has allowed Etisalat to organize the global mega-event called ‘Expo 2020 Dubai’, and it is anticipated that over 25 million visitors from around the world would visit the event and share their digital experiences; Etisalat would use its technological resources and capabilities to handle this complex project within the short time. Business Strategy Cost Leadership In the UAE market, Etisalat Group is the market leader and it has strong customer base outside the domestic market as well; however, the purchasing power of the customers in the target market is comparatively high, for which they are not interested in cheap products – rather they prefer standard and branded items (Etisalat 61). The management of the company concentrates more on the requirements of the customers, the quality of the products, and the incorporation of the latest technologies in their products and services; therefore, it requires large investments to manufacture the products, upgrade the technologies and advance the networks. As the production and the operating expenses are high, it is not feasible for the company to seek the lowest prices for their customers; in addition, cost leadership strategy could limit Etisalat to charge a premium on the products, which may cause financial loss. Table 10: Decision criteria for strategic alternatives. Source: Self-generated Differentiation Strategy Differentiation of the products will assist the organization to become an innovative operator, which is customer-oriented and willing to deliver value for money; at the same time, the company is committed to offering quality services by meeting public requirements and balancing operating costs; therefore, to bring variations, it offers digital services, for example, eCommerce, M2M, and cloud solutions. According to the study of Abdullah, to rise above the competition, this organization should pursue the differentiation approach to increase the sales volume by balancing the production costs and charging extra premium; however, this strategy will be feasible if the buyers are willing to pay the premium for smart and high-quality digital services (1). Table 11: Differentiation alternatives. Source: Self-generated Differentiation and Cost Focus Strategy Table 12: Differentiation and cost focus strategy. Source: Self-generated. Implementation – Competitive Advantages of Etisalat Performance: Being the leading telecom operator in the UAE, Etisalat began its journey in 1976 with fixed telephony services, and continued to launch new and innovative products to expand its operations outside the country. Ownership structure: The government of the UAE holds 60% share of the company, and this plays a vital role in the successful operation of the business since the legal barriers and competitions can be easily minimized, and the policymakers can focus on the reduction of market players to establish a monopoly grasp over the telecom sector; Customer base: Because of being the market leader in the telecom industry, the company can easily access the customers and build an enduring relationship with them; according to the annual report of 2016, it has more than 162 million customers in 19 different countries; Execution of business objectives: The successful implementation of the short-term and long-term projects even during the challenging external environment is one of the most important competitive advantages of this company; Financial growth: As a result of the strong financial and operational performance, Etisalat finds it easy to adopt new strategies, introduce innovative products and services, and update the products at regular intervals – all these activities help the business to boost its overall turnover and facilitate growth over the longer period; for example, the consolidated revenue of this firm grows by 2% every year; Network: The aim of this company is to increase its investment in order to provide an excellent network where both fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and LTE rollout would exceed 92% and 96% coverage of the population; in addition, it introduced the first 3G network in the Middle East and it concentrates on the creation of the best networks in the globe. As a part of this process, in 2011, it began its 4G (LTE) experience for the buyers, and has made an excellent development on the trial sessions of the 5G network in the country to attain amazing growth; Committed logistics to meet customers’ demand: It is another great competitive advantage of Etisalat Group to uphold the triumphant supply chain and meet the requirements of the existing and future buyers Conclusion From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Etisalat is trying to retain its position as a market leader in the telecom industry of the country; in addition, it is executing different business-level strategies to achieve the organizational goals. This firm operates its business in a suitable external environment since the government of the UAE has enforced several restrictions and legal obligations to decline the number of competitors; in addition, the rivalry between the competitors is comparatively low as well. However, it is trying to pursue the international expansion strategy through a wide range of strategic partnerships and differentiation approach, while concentrating on innovation and quality. Future Outlook and Recommendations To continue its uninterrupted growth, Etisalat needs to increase its investments on digital transformations and networks, and advance the Internet and the Clouds as well as customer-oriented differential products to generate long-term value for the stakeholders globally, whilst also welcoming partnership, mergers, or acquisitions. Etisalat has to ensure stronger performance to articulate its strength for the next generation of technological capabilities in the course of its role as a Major Partner of “Dubai Expo 2020” by emphasizing on its innovation and transformational growth. The long-term strategy of the company requires immediate execution of digital educational platform for both teachers and students of the country through joint collaboration with the Ministry of Education; moreover, there is enough space for further digitalization of the health systems, e-governance, entertainment, and trade environment.
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2022.01.24 19:09 Prudent_Hotel8834 Question pls help

Hi, I know this is googlable, but I only get "two-sided" answers on see, I made pay pal account bcoz I need to book hotel so I can pay via pay pal...the problem is that I don't have credit card, just giro card and you can't do shit with it, book reservation in hotel for example, that's why I made pay pal account, so I can buy gift card put it on my account and pay hotel with account...
So my question is, if I buy those gift cards and try to reedem them, will it ask me then to verify my account, set payment method or whatever,
or I just click reedem, write code and that's it, no further steps required, money on account ready to get spent??
Bcoz as I said I don't have credit card, so what's the point of buying gift cards if it's gonna ask me anyway to submit credit card number, thank you for your help you don't know what it means to me right now :)
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2022.01.24 19:09 BeanCloverGaming My multiplayer chaos...getting BIGGER
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2022.01.24 19:09 REITgrass McCarthy scouting is the most bullish news we have had yet in my opinion

We finally have confirmation through official channels that McCarthy is out traversing the country scouting. MLFB wouldn’t be covering his travel expense and McCarthy would not pay them out of pocket (I would assume MLFB is paying for his travel) if they didn’t fully believe they would be playing this year.
They must be very confident about funding and logistics to commit finances to McCarthy traveling to keep scouting up to date.
The past few days have not been fun to watch. I personally try not to look at my accounts and stay focused on the news and PR and research only in order to not be tempted into worrying about day to day price movements.
If I wasn’t already all in I would be buying as much as I could at this price because only good news has come out since price was at .03.
Do your own research and be confident about your decisions.
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2022.01.24 19:09 xantheybelmont Looking for Game Recommendations

Got myself a PS3S 3001B and CFW'd it. I had a super slim with HEN but this is much better. Previously not a console guy so I'm not very familiar with the games. I had Deadpool and NFS:Run on the last one, I'll likely replay those too. BUT I'm looking for recommendations on games I might not be aware of. Some of my favorites are Final Fantasy, DOA, Mario-esque platformers, and story-rich stuff. What do y'all think?
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2022.01.24 19:09 OccultStoner Decisions modding help

I'm trying to make a little custom mod. Just need a bit of clarification:
Is there a way to make separate cost for activating decision with, f.e. gold, but make it cost piety to keep "searching"? Can't find correct line for it.
Also, if I want to make certain decision available to Possessed or Lunatic characters:
has_trait = lunatic
has_trait = possessed
Is the correct way how the code should look like?
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2022.01.24 19:09 hmarvin26 Anybody have Madelyn Cline Discord?

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2022.01.24 19:09 Drink_Basic Mega aerodactyl raid on us can invite 10 show online plz

5342 8835 8561. 2159 4077 8473
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2022.01.24 19:09 killmewithfire123 My Life is a Fanfic and I Feel Lost

(I would GREATLY appreciate any feedback, all my friends and I are stumped and I would love non-biased opinions)
Me (19M) and my best friend (19M) started being friends in April 2021. We hung out every day, constantly. I thought of him as a good friend, but I started getting vibes he was seeing me as more than that. He would stay glued to my hip, text me CONSTANTLY and flirt with me, saying things such as "where have you been all my life", "you're the hottest guy in the county" and constantly complement my appearance. By the time June came around, I had feelings for him, too. This was when he kissed me for the first time (a peck)
We didn't speak much of it, we were both at a party under the influence. Over the summer, he kissed me similarly a few times. He is part of my friend group, and all of my friends have came to me saying they think he is into me. I told them I think he is too, but I didn't want to confront him and make things weird.
August - November I fell in a DEEP depression and kinda distanced myself from him, in December we started talking every day again.
In December, he kissed me many times under the influence when we were in the car with my friends and cuddled with me (We were all sober, except for him and another person). He got a hard on during this. Later on that night, he made a move on me when we were alone, (he had his hand over my dick too) but my friend interrupted and he freaked out in anger. He said he has no memory at all from that night, he had no idea this happened allegedly.
Two weeks ago, we were at my friends apartment. There are two bathrooms, and we all needed to shower. He asked me to shower with him, and I said yes. In the shower, the second we got in, he grabbed bodywash and started scrubbing sharpie off my chest (long story) and he showed me how he washes his dick. I made a comment that I haven't showered with a guy in forever, and he assured me it's normal.
I knew at this point I had to ask him, it was clear he needed to be reached out to. I asked him when we were alone in my car. I could tell he had a panic attack and said he was straight in a short, defensive manner. He assured me that this is just how he acts around his guy friends. I asked his straight guy friends, as they are my friends too, and not one of them said he acts this way around them (they are very comfortable in their masculinity, I knew they were telling the truth). He told everyone in my friend group I was lying to them about him kissing me and making moves on me, despite all my friends firsthand witnessing him do this stuff with me. They all know he's lying and panicking too.
I sent out so many long messages to him explaining my feelings, and he keeps saying the same things, "I'm sorry I lead you on" "this is how I act around my guy friends" "I won't act fruity around you but I'll still be the same person" (kinda hypocritical). It is very clear he's holding back so many emotions (he never talks to anyone about anything). Basically, were friends now and he appreciated my honesty with him, but I don't know what to do from here.
Do you think he's actually straight, or just confused? What do I do from this point? My feelings aren't really there in that way anymore, I just worry about him and feel awful I made him go through an entire crisis silently.
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2022.01.24 19:09 JadenW07 Join the Hannahowo's Server 🧁 Discord Server!

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2022.01.24 19:09 SpiritKran Usb Camera Driver for Fire Tv?

I am trying to use an app with a usb camera, but it is not letting me. Can I install a driver for it?
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2022.01.24 19:09 llamango My life is falling apart but at least I'm looking good

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2022.01.24 19:09 EATYOFACE I posted here a few days back and got some good advice, here is my updated resume. What else can I improve?

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2022.01.24 19:09 cantthinkofone09 Criminology past 2nd year

I’m currently studying DD105, so I’m in my second year of criminology out of 6 (I study part time).
I was wondering, for those who have got past DD105, what are the criminology modules like going forward? How does the material and learning style differ from level 1?- at the moment it’s very guided. What are you studying at the moment?
I also understand that people doing joint honours would have some some of the later criminology modules too :)
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2022.01.24 19:09 SteveK124 High quality photo of a massive tire scrap pile

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