Any way to get allies to either flee the map or get inside my base's perimeter?

2022.01.24 19:04 verdantsf Any way to get allies to either flee the map or get inside my base's perimeter?

40 arctic wolves just showed up. While this is no big deal with my usual door block strategy and chain shotguns, I have allies chilling outside my base. I don't want to risk a massacre. Are there any strategies and/or mods that help allies make more sensible choices, like fleeing the map or entering a base until my pawns can handle the threat?
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2022.01.24 19:04 schwaveyy If you full court press in Clutch Time..?

You’re a no life waste of oxygen.
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2022.01.24 19:04 JunkSalesman What have been the silver linings to the pandemic for you?

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2022.01.24 19:04 Re-Ky {Rant] Every time Snek strengthens something it breaks the game again.

Here we go again. This ballsack slug thing can kill a 22mil HP C.Towa faster than the time it takes to press the special attack button with online's input lag. That's PM's best staller just gone before you can even react, because one single unit touched it for a milisecond.
I don't even know what to say at this point. They've done this fuckfest strengthen creeping probably for a third time now. SS Leona, Zoni, but now you just can't run non-evasion units at all. And it always seems to happen the day after single faction decks can fight on the same level as mixed without relying on their bad RNG. I just don't understand... why even promote the usage of single factions with ultimate bosses and buffers if you're going to continuously do this?
You guys can do what you like, but I don't think it's a good idea to touch online right now. Not until we all get something to compare against this sadistic creation.
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2022.01.24 19:04 pokiepika Got some baby shrimp with my plants.

I got some plants today and noticed some small shrimp in with them. I've never had shrimp, but I kind of want to see if they'll survive. There are some very tiny ones that I can hardly see and some that are larger but still babies. Do i need any special equipment? I have an established but empty 10 gallon. Any advice would be great!
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2022.01.24 19:04 DarkUrGe19 Man Pleads Guilty to Abduction of 4-Year-Old Cleo Smith, Australian Girl Found Alive After Missing for 18 Days

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2022.01.24 19:04 jessdoop Is she going to be happy in here?

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2022.01.24 19:04 HenyDaChikn What are some good stocks that are stable and do very well during economic depressions or things such as COVID. I’m asking because I have Walmart and Verizon and just trying to develop my portfolio.

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2022.01.24 19:04 DepthsofDespair2 5 SCARY Ghost Videos You WISH You Will NEVER Be PART Of!

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2022.01.24 19:04 Blandu SD Card speed capabilities and recommendations

Hi all,
I’m looking to get an SD card for Odin and I’m not sure what specs does the SD card reader has.
Is it worth to spend extra on Sandisk Extreme and will Odin make use of the extra speed, or the Ultra should be fine?
Thank you!
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2022.01.24 19:04 Sea-Station2800 Mmmm….LoL

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2022.01.24 19:04 Emanuel_Guerrero Toadette

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2022.01.24 19:04 Functioning_Mess Found at TJ Maxx - Guess Ipsy couldn't sell as many as they wanted

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2022.01.24 19:04 RepresentativeYou139 HUGE PYT CHAT with over 8,000 pics n videos HMU on IG @ xyzcantbme

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2022.01.24 19:04 fecal_destruction Best practice for mgmt vlan NTP/DNS

What would be some best practice security policy structuring for "network mgmt services". I can think of NTP and DNS specifically right now. I want to use cloudflares NTP and DNS servers.
Should I use FQDN objects in the destination field with applications pecified? Would a URL Category work better? Or how about a URL filtering profile object?
What are the pros and cons of each or a mix be? Thanks for your input?
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2022.01.24 19:04 jonathanthegr9 Every night I'm shufflin [Poetry]

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2022.01.24 19:04 navibab L'invasion int stad

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2022.01.24 19:04 Frodegard Kamado Tanjiro - my first picture

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2022.01.24 19:04 ClamBamFam You gotta chose between noise and no noise

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2022.01.24 19:04 HeightEqual32 FANCAST: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Dent/Two Face

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2022.01.24 19:04 jenjen7543 💵$25 Sign-up Bonus▪️No deposit◾ Download app▪️Select "manage my cash and build my savings" get $15.▪️Then add track my credit for 🆓 and get $10 more. ▪️All cash rewards available to redeem immediately. ▪️My link for the $15 and $10 bonus have no Requirements but to sign up ! ▪️No deposit! ▪️USA ON

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2022.01.24 19:04 intrigodirodrigo Jules' feelings for Rue

[Disclaimer: I love Jules, she's one of my favourite characters ever in tv history]

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I don't think Jules "loves" Rue. Not in a romantic way, at least.
I remember after watching season 1 how I thought that Jules didn't like Rue as much as Rue liked her, and then the special episode came out and - apparently - it proved me wrong.
But still. I think Jules really cares for Rue as a friend and probably kinda likes her, but she doesn't reciprocate Rue's intense romantic feelings. They sort of started to become more than friends right after Jules discovered Nate was Tyler, and I think she "surrendered" to the fact that Rue obviously loved her, and decided to go with the flow, and let herself feel the affection she longed from someone else. But she did have some unresolved trauma.
The hookup with Anna, and how she told Rue, and the train scene... Jules liked Rue but not as much as Rue liked her. Not as much as to decide do cherish what they had, instead of going after something new. She's not to blame: it's just how I view it. Different priorities.
In the special episode, I think she tries to retell herself (and her therapist) the story, and since her and Rue are spending some time apart she starts to realize what she had and what she could've had, which is love from somebody who cares immensely about her. As we learn more about Jules' relationship with her mother, I think it's safe to say that Jules projects some of her feelings towards her mother on Rue, and the complexity that comes with it, and maybe she thinks she loves Rue and wants to be with her because she wants to make right what went wrong with her mother.
After their first encounter with Elliot at school, I think deep down Jules is bothered because Elliot feels a threat to her safe space, to the person that she didn't really choose or pursue (what she did pursue was Tyler) but that is a sort of fountain of unconditional love.
In the scene with Elliot in 02x03, when they're talking, it's easy to see how quick Jules is to agree with Elliot about Rue's sexuality, and the effect that all his compliments have on her.
On the other hand, Rue is constantly smitten by Jules. She doesn't care about anyone else. She's also pretty busy doing drugs, but still. You can tell that she's head over heels and completely fascinated.
They really are on different pages.
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2022.01.24 19:04 sleepwalker_ent Rob $urreal Interview (Creator of $urreal Gang)

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2022.01.24 19:04 glenorglenda Living In a Van Down By The River Realness for 21K

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2022.01.24 19:04 DeathbyToast (Selling) 4K: American Gangster, Daniel Craig Collection, Darkest Hour, Do The Right Thing, Field Of Dreams, Gemini Man, Jaws, The Big Lebowski, The Invisible Man (2020), Top Gun, Us+Get Out (Double Feature), WaterWorld

4K MA Movies

4K VUDU / iTunes Movies
These all come from 4K discs/collections I've bought myself, the collections are one digital code which can be redeemed for all of the movies listed. Prefer to use Paypal Friends & Family so we can avoid transaction fees, but upon request I can calculate the Paypal G&S prices if you'd prefer. Thanks for looking!
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