Don't trust this telegram scam f...

2022.01.19 00:48 Chriscross1981 Don't trust this telegram scam f...

Used to go by rvce exotics now [telegram ](http://@Don_MerfosExotics)
Dude ripped a ton of us Loyal customers, dude playing with FIRE
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2022.01.19 00:48 rusology Vet visit for a checkup.

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2022.01.19 00:48 irishmarinara007 Sales Professional Organizations / Fraternities ?

Hello hello,
Hope you're all doing well.
I live in DFW and I'm looking to make a move in my sales career. Wondering if anybody knows of any sales organizations that allow salespeople to network locally as salespeople.
I of course use LinkedIn and stuff to find professionals and build my network in my new city but all of that is very piecemeal / a la carte and the other person doesn't always have the same goal. Meanwhile, networking organizations can often bring people with mutual interests together and it's simpler for all.
Just curious if anyone knows of anything like this - thanks so much!
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2022.01.19 00:48 National-Respect-649 Bleeding Faith

Heads up! I know the grammar is spotty in it, but that’s intentional. It’s written from the view of a disoriented person- that’s all!
Bleeding Faith Eyes opened, vision blurred, a man peers through what appears to be a glass visor of some sort.
As quick as his eyes had opened, a headache raked his thoughts like talons through flesh.
Focused. The land ahead; desolate and red.
A breeze knocks by, dragging the coarse sand along the vast crimson plains.
It looked like… blood.
“How… why can’t I move?”
As he braced his hands against the rock to his back, he pushed with what he felt like was strength he was pulling from will alone.
A shockwave of pain, a body collapsed on the sand.
“Everything hurt, no, everything hurts… why can’t I speak?”
His kidneys ached from dehydration, and his body ate away at itself inside the suit.
Emaciated, weak, defeated.
His eyes drifted downward as they rested on an abandoned town on the horizon.
It didn’t make sense to him, but all he could think, was “home.”
His vision darkened, his hopes dimmed.
His breathing slowed, his heart began to creep.
The end.
As he drew his final breath, just before the groan that would signify his last span of existence, all he could mutter, was “home.” .
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2022.01.19 00:48 LokiDokiDooo The world is such a mess.

If one man, one person, one individual can make the world a worse place, than all it takes is one, to make it better. The world is not a trash can. So why treat it like one?
-Me I was bored
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2022.01.19 00:48 onlyfansalad VDP Sara and 7c Hera just got added in data download!

Looks like we’ll be getting their respective dungeons pretty soon. Saphira teams rejoice!
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2022.01.19 00:48 peliculin No hay lugar más peligroso que un tranquilo barrio americano en una blanca noche navideña. Si no, que se lo pregunten a Ashley, la niñera del hijo de los Lerner, que deberá defender al pequeño de unos desconocidos que han irrumpido en la casa.

No hay lugar más peligroso que un tranquilo barrio americano en una blanca noche navideña. Si no, que se lo pregunten a Ashley, la niñera del hijo de los Lerner, que deberá defender al pequeño de unos desconocidos que han irrumpido en la casa. submitted by peliculin to pelis28 [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 00:48 jookco Muere - Muerte - Murio : Lamentamos el sensible fallecimiento de Sergio Zaldívar Guerra. En paz descanse. Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.19 00:48 Intelligent_Toe8825 Is the pip pad and tactical tablet canon?

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2022.01.19 00:48 sweetlemontime Are Erin and Chad going to be moving now that they have a 5th child?

Also, maybe they will send their kids to school now since Erin will have a hard time doing homeschool while she’s taking care of a newborn
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2022.01.19 00:48 501DCY is white chocolate, chocolate?

i need answers
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2022.01.19 00:48 oskee-waa-waa Throttle repeatedly resets to cruising power if not held continuously held

I enjoy playing with my quest 2 with my quest 2 hand controllers, but my last couple of flights have resulted in the throttle starting at about 40% and then snapping back to this power level if the throttle is let go for more the about 3 seconds.
Needless to say, this makes landing and taking off extremely difficult!
This doesn't happen when I fly with my regular HOTAS. What setting is doing this to me?
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2022.01.19 00:48 Ashmeadow Books that deal with or focus on the aftermath of a tragedy or extraordinary events (fiction or nonfiction).

I read a book recently that involved a narrator that had been kidnapped as a child. It ends with her escaping and walking up to a cop with the implication she is safe. I wanted to see the aftermath of everything that happened!
So, I am looking for books that deal with what happens after. I've read Room (I think the best example of this). Anxious People by Fredrik Backman is another book that fits what I am looking for. So if the movie Arrival.
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2022.01.19 00:48 Reaster21 [WTB] Rookie question

Hello, I’m hoping you’ll indulge my rookie self and answer.

  1. Can I buy Gold directly through the US mint?
  2. For Gold St. Gaudens or double Eagles There is a premium bc of numismatics/collectibility?
Appreciate your time. Thanks!
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2022.01.19 00:48 AdministrativeNews93 49ers Nick Bosa thought he hurt Deebo Samuel before the game started

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2022.01.19 00:48 djo_oy 出身地ガチャが生み出すGIGAスクール格差 高校の1人1台端末導入はどうなる?

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2022.01.19 00:48 J_Vercoe Ledgeds of Tomorrow Text or Photoshop

Okay so I've attached two images. I'm trying to make a post for my place for Ledgends of tomorrow. I can't find anthing that fits A1 and have the title on. So I'm wondering if anyone happens to know what font the title is in? Or is able to photoshop out the background behind the text? Basically the image called poster works really well but I want the title of the show on it as well as all my other posters do. Anyone have any skills, knnowledge or ideas?
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2022.01.19 00:48 Zentuckyfriedchicken My Current Posing!

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2022.01.19 00:48 jserrano32 Mail day! Torkelson is a redemption :)

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2022.01.19 00:48 msmoley River Sun on how nonviolent action is protecting the Earth

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2022.01.19 00:48 azalea1700 I just sent my husband out for donuts at 9:15pm and I’m not going to feel guilty about it.

This is my second and last pregnancy, all I’ve craved for the past two months is night donuts. I don’t know why but nighttime hits and so does the craving for donuts. The only thing open is a Dunkin’ that closes at 10. I asked him to clean them out of the donut holes.
Next time I’ll be better prepared and just go to our local shop and saving them for later but for now, I’m not going to feel guilty about this!
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2022.01.19 00:48 Clwilliams24 Finally came in getting another common so I can have one OOB

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2022.01.19 00:48 onemanmelee Healing with WHM

Hey all,
So there is often a lot of talk around WHM being able to help in healing. There are testimonials of people seeing improvement from physical injuies, arthritis, auto-immune, etc, plus we all know the study they ran with the E Coli I think it was.
My question is, if any of you in here have used it to enahance/improve/accelerate healing, how did you go about it? Meaning, did you just do the method and over time notice improvements, or did you specifically focus on healing while doing the method? For example, during the breath hold, I will sometimes focus my energy on something specific and try to move the energy there to enhance healing. Not sure it works that way, but it's just an inclination I have. Wondering if anyone else in here has tried similar things and had results, had no results, etc.
I have ongoing digestive issues/IBS, and also a chronic recurring issue with my left hand from playing guitar and piano (~tendon issue in LH thumb.) I sometimes try to focus my energy on those areas to heal them, but not really sure that does anything.
What are your thoughts on it? Do you focus on specific issues, or do you just assume you're up-regulating your whole system and it will address what it wants to address?
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