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Season 4 BtS?

2022.01.22 06:36 Dark_Arts_Dabbler Season 4 BtS?

Was there any behind the scenes drama during the production of season 4?
After going through the series all at once for the first time, it became very apparent that season 4 looked different, and in a bad way.
Limited locations, terrible lighting, stunt scenes that look like they were filmed on the lots where stunt scenes are filmed
It just seemed so much less dynamic than stuff that came before and after. It surprised me considering Arrow generally has very solid stunt work shot well on a relatively thin budget
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2022.01.22 06:36 ihatelifetoo 2meirl4meirl

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2022.01.22 06:36 acciobraincells IIL Headfirst Slide by Fall Out Boy, WEWIL?

Looking for songs similar to Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet by Fall Out Boy. The song is really full of angst and is about cheating. I was wondering if there are any other songs about cheating, one-sided relationships, unrequited love, etc. that are angsty, a bit tragic, but are rock/alternative songs?
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2022.01.22 06:36 -RandomHumanBeing- This probably won't happen but

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2022.01.22 06:36 garryjason TOUCH ME

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2022.01.22 06:36 miscchannel 22 January 2022 Upcoming Launches - Invest Wisely - Fairlaunch Dxsale Unicrypt

Developers/ Crypto Launch Hunters can submit their Upcoming Launch finds Here before 09:00 UTC
Disclaimer: Any token can be scam, do your own research of their Contract, Website, social group before investing on the project. Consider our post only as information not as Financial advise.
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After Presale:
15:00 UTC lolliverse
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Contact us: Follow us for tomorrow launches
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2022.01.22 06:36 opcoupon 60% off >> $39.99>> BlitzWolf BW-GD1 Gaming Desk Banggood Coupon Promo Code [USA Warehouse]

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2022.01.22 06:36 greedo10 My most beta confession

I unsubscribe from vaush when I go to see my partner because I know they don't like him.
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2022.01.22 06:36 CaptainTalking Mod to restore "The Whispering Door"

So I noticed that the "Whispering Door" quest is not totally complete. In a complete state we would have seen Balgruufs children kill him and Hrongar becoming Jarl. I know some of the regarding files lying unused in the Creation Kit so I want to restore the quest. I know it must be possible, because "Boethias bidding" was restored to. The Mephala one is a bit more complicated, but I want to create a team of people who want to restore the quest and who also know how to do it :D Are you in?
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2022.01.22 06:36 leapingforfaith2341 The anxiety from online school, the pandemic, and my overall anxiety problems I’ve been having for quite some time is killing me

Hi all I just need to talk. I have honestly been in dark places especially in January 2022, with the online learning at home, the fast pace school work, feeling lonely and isolated as hell, feeling depressed and finding it hard to be productive. I am almost there with finishing exam deferrals, but there is one exam I keep requesting to defer multiple times. Has anyone else ever had this situation? I have just come to the conclusion that I am simply not well enough to write any exams in January and wait a bit longer when I am emotionally and mentally feeling better. That’s why I have once again contacted the counsellors/QSAS advisors as well as emailing the exams office to let them know I may not end up writing my deferred exam tomorrow. It’s just so hard. There’s so much anxiety around studying for it too. But everyday since january, for as long as covid existed , I have been feeling extremely depressed, confused, disconnected from reality, and obsessed and addicted to social media and chatting and keeping up with the news and buzz on social media. Because for me it is escapism. It’s become like a drug. Everything else in life right now with the quick-paced online learning, daily pandemic life, and everyone being too busy in their own worlds is so mundane and gets me so sad.. so sad and so lonely and hating and dreading life. I’ve become sheltered, anxious, and aggressive at times. There’s no other way out. I hate it all. I hate online learning. I hate feeling I have no real friends in real life around me at home anymore. I hate having such big dreams in life but feeling too scared of failure to go and achieve them… especially in the age of coronavirus where the joy of these young adult experiences and dream chasing journey lies has been ripped away from us. I’m just here to share what I’ve honestly been going through. Thank you for listening <3
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2022.01.22 06:36 EestiMentioned [/r/cryptostreetbets] Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 06:36 Ayush0_2_ Need help, can someone figure out what is the background music in this video?

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2022.01.22 06:36 conchan Updating graphics card on old imac: what is a good swap?

the Graphics card on my old iMac (EMC:2210, Model number A1224) recently died. It boots with a checkered pattern on the screen, but works ok in safe mode other than the save to usb and videos. I would like to update the dead card instead of putting in a used apple one. are there any that are a simple swap without needing any modification?
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This why he’s the GOAT
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2022.01.22 06:36 SeekingComfort12 My ex reached out 6 months later. They do come back (or at least feel some type of regret)


  1. First and foremost, you should be moving on without them. As difficult as it is don't let their absence and silence hinder your growth and peace.
  2. This post is not to say you should be holding onto hope of reconciliation or that you should base your self-worth in the fact that they still think about you, but rather to ease the minds of those much too focused on the idea that their ex doesn't care about them and/or has simply moved on without second thought.
After the breakup in July (together on-and-off for 4 years) I convinced myself that I would never hear from him again, that he didn't care about me and that he'd never regret how he treated me. This is due to the fact that he's a classic avoidant and found out I started seeing someone two weeks post-breakup and blocked me on instagram.
Long story short he messaged me on new year's. The next week he messaged me again and the conversation ended with him saying we shouldn't speak. A few days ago I spent the day painting with him. He said a few interesting things that have helped me make peace with my most recent breakup, namely:
  1. The coldness during the breakup wasn't because he didn't care - He was simply trying to protect himself. He knew if he comforted me or showed any emotion he likely would have gone back on his word.
  2. After the breakup there was a real period of relief - He was flying high, feeling free and getting with a lot of other women.
  3. He drank more and started smoking - This was his effort to have fun and try new things. Reflecting on it, he told me it likely had to do with suppressing how he felt.
  4. Between 2 and 3 months into the breakup he started having doubts - He started regretted breaking up. This wasn't enough to make him reach out. He figured I was still dating someone else.
  5. Only now has he started to reflect on his role in the breakup - It has taken him half a year to even start thinking about how unfairly he treated me throughout the relationship.
  6. I never truly left his mind - He told me he has always cared about me and was always curious how I was and what I was doing. There was rarely a day where I did not cross his mind at least once.
So, this is just to say that in most cases your ex is not some cold-hearted monster. They did what they did for themselves. The way they acted in the breakup (and afterwards) was not personal. You're likely still on their mind, even if they are dating someone new and haven't reached out.
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2022.01.22 06:36 HamsterHammer Finally bought a rc crawler at 40. My kids are mad at me and I don’t care!

It’s a traxxas Trx4 defender in grey. My local rc shop is more into rc planes but they had one up for sale.
I already want to customise it with scale accessories. Google led me to some shady websites in china and eBay had some. (I’m in Europe).
My first question is maintenance. What should I clean it with ? Just water ? Never had a rc, don’t point and laugh at me. Are there any parts that needs to be checked more than other after extensive use ?
Upgrading, what part should be up on the list if I would like to upgrade my kit later on ?
The lipo charger is self explanatory (traxxas ez plus) so I’m covered.
Will check later on. It’s sunny out there, have to go crawling. May let my kids tag along if they don’t touch it. 😅
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2022.01.22 06:36 totographer27 Is Barium Swallow the test for RCPD?

I recently went to doctore because of gas issues. I have known about RCPD for about 3 months now, thanks to this group. One night it go too bad and just like in the past, I started searching "I can't burp" on Google, but this unlike last few years this time suddenly saw so much content around RCPD and discovered this group. I called up my gf, my brother, my dad and told everyone I have finally found what it is. And it felt like so weird that there was no answer to this problem for so many years!
Anyway, cut to present, I had another difficult week because of WFH, no movement and got very gassy. Went to a doctor, he checked my throat and it's cut a lot due to acid reflux. He suggested Barium Swallow test to check my food pipe. I just wanted to understand from people who got the treatment if this is the right test?
I am in India, so don't know how much doctors would have treated patients with RCPD here.
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2022.01.22 06:36 Gamer37371 tangerine pickup

i crashed the tangerine pickup but i dont know of i can repair it?
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2022.01.22 06:36 Fantastic_Midnight38 This teacher shall know pain

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2022.01.22 06:36 ShitPostyMalosty Does anyone else think it’s out of character for Mary to be OK with her daughter and niece skipping school?

I get the significance of the S2 finale… But let’s think back to S1 E1 where she threatened to beat her daughter with a wooden spoon for daring to break the school dress code.
Are we really supposed to think that in the course of (what seems like) a school year, she is not only cool with her daughter ditching school, but she is actually encouraging her niece to do the same?
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2022.01.22 06:36 jrfoster01 Next year

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2022.01.22 06:36 Pretty-Situation-693 FREE NFT GIVEAWAY CHECK RULES

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2022.01.22 06:36 Horny__priest National Single Window System (NSWS): Piyush Goyal chairs review meet

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2022.01.22 06:36 Morbid_Storiez ALSO SAW AN ARGUMENT ABOUT THIS

View Poll
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2022.01.22 06:36 awrasmedia توقعات أحوال الطقس لنهار السبت

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